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Why Interpersonal Skills important for students?

16 hrs ago

Developing interpersonal skills is really important for students for a better learning, expressing themselves to others, personality development and improving academics too. It is considered that students who have good interpersonal skills have a successful career and personal life too. Here we discuss what student interpersonal skills are and how it benefits them.

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How to select best schools for your child?

Sep 11, 2017

What are the qualities of best schools? Infrastructure, Curriculum, Teacher Strength, Sport and other Activities etc. we have listed here all basic qualities a parent should seek in the school for their child's admission. Parents should consider the factors mentioned in this article for short listing the best school.

Education neccessary or not

Is education the key to a successful future?

Aug 28, 2017

Education is the foundation of a successful career. However, we see many stories of entrepreneurs who have achieved success without formal education. Here we are discussing the need of education for a successful career or whether students can make it without formal education.

UP Board Class 10 Science Notes :activities of life or processes of life Part-VIII

Aug 25, 2017

Here you will find UP Board class 10th Science chapter 18(activities of life or processes of life)8th part.It is often witnessed that students don’t organize their revision notes while going through the subjects and because of this they tend to miss out various crucial points.

Technology affects health and lifestyle

Technology affecting Health and Lifestyle of School Children

Aug 25, 2017

School Children use gadgets for their studies but most of the kids are not aware of appropriate use of technology and hence, they become obsessed with these gadgets and ignore their studies, lifestyle, and health. Read here consequences of technology on health and lifestyle of school children.

Failed in your class 12 exams? Here are the course options for you

Jul 11, 2017

Class 12 students who fail in their board exams don’t have to worry as there are many options for them to make their career. In this article you will find very easy way to finish your class 12. Also, you can learn to use your class 10 mark sheet to pursue diploma in engineering courses.

Pros and Cons of siblings studying in same school

Jun 9, 2017

When siblings are attending same school at same time there is every possibility of them being compared or evaluated using each other as the yardstick. Here we try to assess situations where sibling rivalry and sibling revelry are synchronized.



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