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UPSC IAS Topper in 2017: Juhi Rai Rank 155 shares Tips and Strategy for IAS Mains Exam

3 days ago
IAS Toppers provide a major source of inspiration for all the IAS aspirants to purse career in civil services. In the following article, we have provided an interview on Juhi Rai’s (Rank 155) mains strategy for IAS Exam.

UPSC IAS Main Exam 2017 Question Papers

Nov 14, 2017
Civil services previous year mains question papers is one of the best sources to start the IAS preparation and hence should be deeply analyzed. Here, we are providing the IAS Mains 2017 Question papers to make your understanding more lucid about the IAS Exam.

IAS Mains Exam 2017: General Studies 1 Paper II

Nov 1, 2017
Here, we have provided the Paper II, General Studies I of IAS Mains Exam 2017. The given question is best to know the pattern of asking questions in UPSC Civil services IAS Mains Exam. Go through it and make your strategy for IAS Exam 2018 accordingly.

IAS Syllabus for Civil Services Exam 2017

Jan 8, 2017
IAS Syllabus is the guiding principle for the IAS Preparation. IAS aspirants must download and see the IAS Syllabus in detail to get better marks in IAS Results

UPSC IAS Main Exam 2016 GS Paper I

Dec 8, 2016
Civil Services Main Exam 2016 General Studies Paper I is the most static paper as compared to other General studies papers. It is not very strongly related with the Current Affairs. This paper’s syllabus includes Indian History, World History, Physical Geography and other important topics. Here, we are providing the IAS Mains 2016 General Studies Paper 1.

How to Score Better in GS I - Paper II of UPSC Mains Exam

Dec 2, 2016
A Civil Service aspirant can be a low achiever inspite of having better understanding of the subject matter. So, to follow a better strategy and study can lead them as a winner in UPSC IAS Mains exam: Here, we have provided some strategies must be followed by the aspirant before appearing for the IAS Mains Exam:

Best Recommended Books for IAS Mains GS Paper 1

Nov 22, 2016
While preparing for IAS Mains examination, it is very important to know what to read and how the study material should be covered to make maximum utility in the IAS Mains Exam. We are providing here information on all the relevant books for IAS and their coverage according to UPSC Syllabus.

IAS Exam: India against Terrorism

Nov 19, 2016
Terrorism has become a global issue which causing hindrance for the existence of humanity on earth. The IAS aspirants must have the knowledge of India’s stand against the menace of terrorism. Here, we have provided India’s approach to deal with the problem of terrorism within its territory and outside of its territory.

UPSC IAS Main Exam General Studies Paper I : Suggested Books

Nov 9, 2016
To score maximum in the Paper II (GS-I) of UPSC’s Civil Services (IAS) Main Examination, an aspirant need to study the standard books and study material without wasting time on reading unnecessary bundle of books. Irrespective of lot of books for the reference, here are some perscribed suggestions for the dedicated students who is willing to crack the IAS Exam with desired rank

Most important terms as asked in the IAS Main Exam

Nov 3, 2016
It is very important to understand the standard terms through which the questions generally asked in IAS Mains Exam. During IAS Preparation, the IAS aspirants must have clear understanding of such terms so that they can write their answer in the manner in which the examinee has asked the questions.

How to Study for IAS Main Exam by IAS Topper Siddharth Jain

Sep 21, 2016
IAS Topper Siddharth Jain gave a complete insight on the IAS Preparation. IAS Main Exam, being the most important of all the stages of Civil Services, IAS Topper Siddharth Jain gave Study Tips for its preparation.


Jun 14, 2016
Solid Waste Management is one of the critical parts of the sustainable development which is a core issue of Environmental Concern world over. Civil Services (IAS) Exam always asks questions from these core areas. The number of questions is increasing from these areas in the IAS Prelims Exam as the Environmental Concern is also increasing at the societal level. As we can see in the IAS Prelims Previous Year Question Papers, the questions from this section are increasing.

Must do things after the UPSC IAS Notification and Form Filing

May 2, 2016
UPSC will issue the Civil Services and Indian Forest Services combined Notification on the 23 April 2016. Most of the candidates endlessly discuss about the Eligibility criteria, number of attempts, State Cadre preferences, Medium of Examination, Number of Posts in a particular Service and the like things.

IAS Exam:Climate Change and Food Security

Apr 5, 2016
Food Security is an important aspect of Right to Life. Our Constitution gaurantees the right to life and in the light of the changing climatic condidtions, this right is affected very much. It is an important Topic for the UPSC IAS Main Exam. Lets deal with it in detail

UPSC IAS Main Exam 2015 GS Paper I

Dec 21, 2015
Civil Services Main Exam 2015 General Studies Paper I is most losely related with the Current Affairs. This paper is static in orientation and the syllabus includes Indian History, World History, Physical Geography and other important topics.

IAS Main Exam 2015 Current Affairs

Dec 16, 2015
Current Affairs serves as the feed and fodder for the Civil Services Main Examination. Civil Services Main Exam has always ask questions from the year round Current Affairs. This eBook serves the purpose of the Candidates for the IAS Main Exam 2015.

Last Minute Tips for the UPSC IAS Main Exam 2015

Dec 15, 2015
Civil Services Main Exam is round the corner and the candidates have prepared for the same. Here are some of the important Tips for the last minute preparation and paper writing.

UPSC IAS Main Exam 2015 : General Studies Paper I Model Questions

Dec 15, 2015
For Civil Services aspirants, it is necessary to go through some UPSC Main Exam Model Test Papers to take an idea of writing skills and having practice of different areas of the subjects. Here, we have provided such Model Test Paper for the UPSC IAS Main Exam GS I Paper II:

UPSC IAS Main Exam Question Paper Analysis

Nov 20, 2015
To provide the locus and focus to the preparation of the UPSC IAS Main Exam, the candidates need to know the previous year question papers demand and approach.

Most Important Topics for UPSC IAS Main Exam 2015

Nov 17, 2015
These are the most important topics for the IAS Main Exam 2015.

Important Topics for UPSC IAS Main General Studies Paper I

Nov 4, 2015
Civil Services Main Exam General Studies Paper I is one of the largest papers in the IAS Main Exam. It covers History, Geography, World History, Indian Society and other Women Related Issues. See here the important Topics for the General Studies Paper I

Important Topics for Geography for UPSC IAS Main Exam

Oct 29, 2015
Important Geography Topics for the UPSC IAS Main Exam are enlisted here

Major Threats to Himalayan Biodiversity - UPSC IAS Main GS Paper I

Oct 16, 2015
Himalaya is standing as our northern Defence Wall since time immemorial. We don't have the great Indian wall with us as China have but we have the Great Himalayas working in almost same manner. But due to various anthropogenic phenomenons, there is an increasing threat to the Biodiversity oh Himalayas

Industrial Cluster Location Explained for UPSC IAS Main Exam GS Paper I

Oct 16, 2015
Location of the Industries is the key to the balanced regional Growth of our nation. Industrial location is the key component of the inclusive growth as envisaged by the Government.But it depends on several factors. Lets see those factors and the relatied theories

Growing Religious Intolerance Explained for UPSC IAS Main Exam GS Paper I

Oct 16, 2015
Secularism is the mentioned in the preamble of the Constitution of India and it is the basic fabric of the Indian Society. People of Indian are famous for their welcoming nature and tolerance towards others. This is one of the reasons that our invaders settle down in India. But in recent times there is a visible decline in the tolerant character of the Indian Society.

Important Questions for UPSC IAS Main Exam GS Paper I

Oct 15, 2015
Important Questions for the Civil Services Main Exam are always the requirement of the candidates because it gives them the orientation about the IAS Main Exam

UPSC IAS Prelims : Art and Culture : Dance Forms in India

Aug 3, 2015
This article on Various Dance Forms in India would benefit candidates to know in detail about Dance forms and famous dancers practicing those dance forms in India. Art and Culture's contribution has increased alot in IAS Prelims Examination. Whereas, IAS Mains Exam General Studies Paper I also consists of questions on Art and Culture.

UPSC IAS Mains Exam 2015 : General Studies Paper I : Syllabus

Jun 5, 2015
General Studies Paper I of IAS Mains examination has vast syllabus comprising of History, Geography, Art and Culture and Society. Therefore, careful observation of detailed syllabus of General Studies Paper I would benefit aspirant to plan their strategy for preparation.

IAS Main (Written) Exam 2014: General Studies I: Question Paper Analysis

Jan 13, 2015
The candidates can get the analysis of the IAS Main (written) Exam 2014 General Studies I Question Paper

IAS Main (Written) Exam 2014: General Studies : Question Papers

Jan 3, 2015
The candidates can get the General Studies Question Papers of  IAS Main(Written) Exam 2014

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