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Problems of boyfriend girlfriend relation at school and how to deal with them

May 29, 2017 17:00 IST

Making friends with the opposite sex is healthy and it is very common to have a few or many friends from the other gender. This friendship many times turns into a crush, infatuation, love affair, or romance all which are very natural given the age factor.

But sometimes this may develop into an unforeseen, unwarranted, and unpleasant situation. There are numerous instances of school students being under stress due to a tiff or an argument with their girlfriend or boyfriend. This puts them under a lot of stress and interferes with their studies and daily lives.

Boyfriend girlfriend relation at school

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Nature of relation

Friendship at school, when turns into a romantic liaison, is a sign of imminent difficult times. Somehow, these are not treated seriously given the fact that the two individuals are just school kids. But this might prove to be a mistake as during the teenage, children require special attention as they are physically, emotionally, and psychologically not mature and don’t understand life in its complete perspective.

Here, you have to realise the true nature of your relation. It is relation based on mutual trust, faith, understanding, and respect. Also, given the fact that time is on your side, you can carry forward your involvement much ahead when you will be a grown up and mature adult.

So, you can take it easy till you reach the university level. Till then, enjoy each other’s friendship, companionship!

Romance at school

1. Infatuation, crush, puppy love, juvenile love, hankering; these are a few terms that might define school romance. Without taking away the real feelings, it can well be presented that the minds of teenagers are not fully developed and they are still in the learning process.
2. At an age when you should be concentrating on studies and other fields, it would be unwise to get into a relation that demands a lot of your time and attention. Along come responsibilities. These will only distract you and affect your grades.
3. As discussed under Peer Pressure, many individuals might get into a relationship just to appear cool. Such irresponsible acts will result in unwanted situations.
4. There is every possibility of experiencing heartbreak or a break-up with your partner. This will lead to unwanted scenes and emotional trauma. Teenage is certainly not a good time to go through all the trials and tribulations related to these relations.
5. Unrequited or one sided love is equally risky. You have to first establish a healthy relationship and get to know the person you are interested in. Moreover, there is a lot of time to find your match. Right now it is your school that holds the priority.
6. Getting involved romantically at this age will prevent you from exposure to numerous other social experiences thereby limiting your overall development and evolution.
7. Your partner pressurises you to do something odd, unwanted, or awkward, like tasting alcohol or trying a cigarette and you out of love go for it. Just imagine the repercussions of such emotional blackmails or undue demands.
8. Many times, boys are made to feel that if they don’t have a girlfriend they are not hip, forcing them into a relation against their will. Girls, on the other hand, might be defamed or branded as ‘easy’ or ‘available’ because they are into dating. There are a lot of bad elements out there to malign one’s image.
9. You spend a major chunk of your time with your ‘date’ thereby ignoring your friends. Gradually, your friends will start avoiding you and you will be robbed of friends in need.

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Conclusion: The school years are decisive years and this period has to be monitored very carefully by the parents, teachers, and other authorities. One wrong move can cause damage to the young mind. Every party involved has to be open and accepting. The student should never be made to feel guilty or believe that making friends with the other gender is bad as it will severely affect their emotional and social growth.

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