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Top 10 Start-up Firms headed by Women Entrepreneurs

Sep 18, 2018
Pursuing MBA degree is a boon when you wish to initiate your own start-up. It helps you acquire the skills that are required for soft selling. Read the list of Top 10 Start-up Firms headed by Women Entrepreneurs and the achievements.

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What makes an entrepreneur! 7 success stories of IIM alumni

Sep 6, 2018
Wish to become an entrepreneur! Read about successful start-up firms in India commenced by IIM alumni and their path to achieve success in these ventures.

Celebrities who are MBA Graduates from top Business Schools

Sep 5, 2018
Take a look at the life of Indian celebrities who have earned MBA degree in their name. They have reached greatest heights of success in their life. How an MBA degree helped them to nurture their career.

What Mahabharta can teach you about Management?

Sep 3, 2018
Find out about the important Management Lessons from Mahabharta for the MBA aspirants that will help them in understanding the nuances of this dynamic field. Learn these lessons for a bright management career.

MBA Case Study: USA Presidential Election

Aug 27, 2018
How does the USA choose its president? It is a topic of interest as it is the talk of the town. This case study will help MBA aspirants to make a business plan successfully. Find out more about this crucial issue at

Case Studies: Building Blocks of MBA curriculum

May 2, 2018
Want to find out how corporate runs? There is no better way than MBA case studies for teh aspirants to learn about the corporate life.

Top 10 Books that every MBA Aspirant must read

Apr 18, 2018
Books are a man’s path to salvation. These top 10 books are a must read for every MBA aspirant. Look at the list and grab them soon to become more resourceful and knowledgeable.

Top 10 movies that MBA Aspirant must watch

Apr 18, 2018
Movies are the best source of entertainment. Here is a list of top 10 movies which are a must watch for all the MBA aspirants and will help them gain a better perspective of the life during and after MBA graduation.

In-depth Analysis of the future of MBA in India

Apr 18, 2018
Find a detail and in-depth analysis on how MBA aspirants responded to various Business Programs.

5 Life Lessons every MBA grad can learn from Vishal Sikka’s exit from Infosys

Aug 22, 2017
What does Vishal Sikka’s exit from Infosys teach us? For an MBA aspirant, there is plenty to learn from this high profile resignation. Read on to find out.

Highest Paid Global CEOs of Indian Origin: Do You Know their Success Mantra?

Jul 20, 2017
India’s Top Earning CEOs share 1 common trait that is their MBA degree. Find out more about the Top 10 highest paid CEOs of Indian Origin and how they achieved tremendous growth in their career.

5 Management lessons that Game of Thrones can teach young MBA graduates

Jul 17, 2017
If want to win the ‘Iron Throne’ of the corporate world, then you must follow these 5 MBA lessons that Game of Thrones has in store for you!

What is GST? Guide for Young Working Professionals

Jun 30, 2017
With GST set to be implemented from mid-night, here’s the new Goods and Services Tax would entail for young working professionals across the country.

All you need to Know about GST

Jun 29, 2017
Goods & Service Tax (GST) is an important topic for the MBA aspirants. Gind out the latest happenings about the most important economic issue (i.e. GST) of the country.

Top 10 Business News Channels that an MBA aspirant must watch

Jun 19, 2017
Staying updates with the current happenings is very vital for an MBA aspirant. Here we recommend a list of top 10 Business News Channels that an MBA aspirant must watch to enhance their general awareness.

5 Management Lessons to learn from Vijay Mallya Saga

Jun 13, 2017
From the king of good times to a wilful defaulter, the Vijay Mallya Saga has been nothing short of a movie plot. But for MBA aspirants and budding entrepreneur it has also presented a unique opportunity to learn how not to do business in India. The following 5 MBA lessons from the Vijay Mallya saga will help you learn from his mistakes and ensure that you do not replicate them once you venture into your business career.

IPL 2017: What MBA students can learn from world’s most extravagant sporting event

May 16, 2017
With IPL 2017 is not only world’s most extravagant sporting event but also a successful business that has many lessons for MBA students. Here are a few of them!

A Management Graduate explains ‘Why Katappa Killed Baahubali’

Apr 27, 2017
‘Why did Katappa Kill Baahubali?’ If you are still gripped by this million dollar question, worry not, you are not alone. Millions are still wondering about this question and are hoping to find the right answer this Friday when Baahubali 2 hits the theatres.

Idea and Vodafone Merger: A saga of becoming India’s Largest Telecom Company

Mar 27, 2017
Indian telecom industry is witnessing one of the largest mergers ever between Vodafone India and Idea Cellular. The deal is said to upbeat humongous player such as Reliance Jio behind. Find out more significant details about the deal in the MBA case study and enhance your knowledge base.

Top 10 Global Business Women with MBA degree

Mar 8, 2017
Women have broken the glass ceiling to reach the pinnacle and proved their mettle. Read this article to find about the list of top 10 Global Business Women who possess MBA degree.

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