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IIT JEE Tips and Strategies

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Top 6 Tips to Improve Your JEE Main 2019 Rank By 30 Percent

3 days ago
Here, in this article you will get the tips about the last moths preparation plans which will help to improve your JEE Main rank at least by 30-40%.

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JEE Main 2019: Important topics & books

Oct 24, 2018
Study material is very important from the viewpoint of any engineering entrance exam. Study material decides the selection of any engineering aspirant. In this article, the engineering section of Jagranjosh brings to you the names of important books and topics for the upcoming JEE Main 2019.

JEE Main Examination 2019: Tips to score maximum marks in Physics

Oct 8, 2018
In JEE Main Examination, Physics is one of the important subjects. In JEE Main Examination, 30 questions always come from Physics subjects. Students can score maximum marks if they follow these tips and tricks.

JEE Main 2019 Study Plan/Time Table

Sep 27, 2018
In this article, we are providing the best study plan for JEE Main 2019 including study material like theory, important formulae & concepts, numerical questions and previous years’ questions papers.

Top Mantras to Crack IIT JEE

Aug 17, 2018
In this article you will find various mantras which will add to your efforts toward IIT JEE Main Examination.

5 myths uncovered about IIT JEE Exam

Jul 20, 2018
Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is national level engineering entrance exam. In this article engineering aspirants will know very common myths about JEE Main and JEE Advanced entrance examination. This will help you in clearing up some of the common myths about the exam.

JEE Main 2018: Revision notes with important questions for Free radicals and SN1 & SN2 mechanisms

Apr 6, 2018
In this article we are going to talk about the SN1 & SN2 Reactions, conditions of free radical mechanism and few important questions with solution from both the topics. The main purpose to mention the key points are to make you aware that these points can be asked in the form of direct or indirect question in the jee main paper.

Tips to revise JEE Main syllabus in last one week

Apr 3, 2018
In this article, we are providing important tips to revise JEE Main syllabus in one week. These tips will help students to score good marks in upcoming JEE Main 2018.

Common Mistakes made while filling JEE Main OMR sheet/Answer sheet

Apr 2, 2018
In this article, we will discuss the method used by students to fill OMR sheet in offline engineering entrance examinations. Also, students will come to know about the best method they can use in the examination to fill OMR sheet.

7 Tricks to Remain Focused During JEE Main 2018 Examination

Apr 2, 2018
Students can find lot of tips on how to prepare for JEE Main 2018 Examination before exam day, but what when you actually enter the examination hall. Read this article to know how to stay sharp and focused during the examination.

Know the best ways to attempt JEE Main Question Paper 2018

Apr 2, 2018
IIT JEE Main Examination is just less than two weeks away. This Exam consists of 90 questions divided in three sections – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each section has 30 questions.This article talks about tips to attempt JEE Main 2018 Question Paper in most efficient way. Read this article to get complete information.

Founder of Super 30, Mr Anand Kumar shares tips for revision notes and exam pressure for IIT JEE

Mar 8, 2018
Founder of Super 30, Mr Anand Kumar shares tips for IIT JEE aspirants to prepare revision notes for JEE Main, JEE Advanced as well as board exams to ensure good marks. See full video provided here.

Founder of Super 30 Mr. Anand Kumar finally reveals his secret formulae for success

Mar 1, 2018
Every year thousands of aspirants appear for IIT JEE but only limited qualifiers are able to make it for admissions to IITs. Read here success strategies for motivation as revealed by Super 30 founder, Anand Kumar Ji.

Best ways to attempt JEE Computer Based Test (CBT)

Feb 26, 2018
In this article, students will know about the important tips which they can use while appearing for JEE Main and JEE Advanced via online mode. These tips will help them in securing good marks in upcoming exams.

Preparing for JEE Examination 2018? Follow these 5 tips to crack it very easily

Feb 14, 2018
As there are only few months left for JEE Examination 2018. All aspirants want to crack this eaxm. Click here to know the secrets for qualifying the JEE Examination 2018.

Top 7 tricks to crack IIT JEE Advanced

Feb 7, 2018
In this article find tips and tricks to crack IIT JEE Advanced 2018 Examination. IIT JEE Advanced is one of the toughest examination of India. It is the screening process conducted to give admission to 23 IITs of the country. By cracking this exam, students get the golden opportunity to get into Bachelor of Technology programs offered at the IITs.

JEE: Important Questions and Study Notes on Surface Chemistry (Part 2)

Jan 16, 2018
Find the revision notes of chapter Surface Chemistry including previous years' solved questions for JEE Main and JEE Advanced entrance exams 2018. This is Part-2 of two part series on Surface Chemistry.

IIT JEE: 5 Self-study tips

Jan 15, 2018
This article is about self study tips for IIT JEE and other examinations. There are few tips that can come handy if you follow them on regular basis.

JEE: Important Questions & Study Tips for Thermodynamics (Part - 2)

Jan 12, 2018
Find Part-2 of the two part series of notes on chapter Thermodynamics based on the latest syllabus for JEE Main and JEE Advanced entrance examination 2018. Students always get 2-4 questions from this chapter in the examination.

Alkene compunds: Ozonolysis and Important questions for JEE

Jan 11, 2018
In this article we are going to share the various methods to prepare the alkene and specially the ozonolysis of alkenes to know the number and position of double bond present in the alkene compounds.

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