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SSC English Preparation tips: Direct-Indirect Speech and Cloze test

1 hour ago
As English language and comprehension is the part of the Banking and SSC Exams. So, it is necessary to understand the various sub topics to gain good marks. This article is before you, to assist you while you’re preparing.

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Simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety during SSC exams preparation

Feb 12, 2018
In this article, we will discuss about the methods and activities to follow, so that candidates can tackle stress and anxiety during their SSC exams preparations.

SSC English Preparation Tips: Spotting Errors

Feb 9, 2018
In this article, what is error spotting, types of errors in a sentence, etc. are explained. Go through them and understand how to solve such questions. Read more..

Quickest way to solve problems based on successive discounts (Profit-Loss)

Feb 7, 2018
In this article, we have discussed about the tips, tricks and various type of questions framed on Succesive discounts of Profit loss related questions. Let us take a detailed tour of it-

Useful YouTube Channels for SSC exams preparation

Feb 7, 2018
In this article, we have covered certain YouTube channels which can be fruitful and result oriented in your SSC preparation. We have selected these channels after evaluating them on the ground of relevance, content quality, presentation method and effectiveness. Read full story here.

SSC Quantitative Aptitude Tips and Tricks: Partnership

Feb 5, 2018
In SSC exams, there are almost 1-2 questions; those are asked from this section. Now, in this article, we will cover the all tits and bits of Partnership topic including the definition, concepts, formulae and types of questions that are framed. Read rest story here-

SSC Quantitative Aptitude tricks: Algebraic formulae & their applications

Feb 5, 2018
In this article, we will learn about all algebraic formulas and their applications with shortcut tricks because all questions are based on algebraic formulas.

SSC Quantitative Aptitude tricks: Simple & Compound Interest

Feb 5, 2018
This topic plays an important role in getting marks in SSC exams effortlessly as you have to only apply the formula and do simple calculations.In the following text, we are going to cover the all minors & major tricks of this aptitude topic. Let us first take a snap on some related terms-

SSC Reasoning Preparation tips: Analogy

Feb 2, 2018
In this article, we are going to discuss the tricks and types of analogy, which is generally asked in all SSC exams. Go through all of them and boost your preparation. Let us go-

SSC English preparation tips and tricks: Sentence Completion

Jan 30, 2018
In SSC exams, there are four sections and English Language is one of them. There are a total number of 25 questions are asked and 2-3 questions belongs to sentence completion topic surely. we have formulated several other tricks to solve the questions based on Sentence completion.

SSC English preparation tips: One word Substitution

Jan 22, 2018
In this article, we will introduce the tips and tricks to prepare for the one word substitution-

Top 10 free preparation websites for Reasoning in SSC Exams

Jan 17, 2018
In this article, we have analyzed some relevant websites, which can prove worthy and fruitful in preparing and practicing SSC Reasoning section. Let us checked these out-

Why analysis of previous year papers is important to crack SSC exams?

Jan 4, 2018
Do you know that SSC Previous year question paper can help you a lot in making success in all SSC exams? Find out the reasons to go through previous question paper in brief-

How to memorize Idioms and Phrases for SSC exams?

Dec 29, 2017
In all SSC exams, there will be at least one question out of this topic in the form of four options out of which you have to choose one correct option. In the below text, you will find the tips to memorize and recall the idioms whenever you encounter with them.

5 New year resolutions to succeed in competitive exams

Dec 28, 2017
Whether you are preparing for Bank exams or SSC jobs or Civil Services or Defence exams like NDA/CDS, new year eve is the right time to make resolutions related to your preparation.

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