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IAS Mains GS I - Geographical Phenomenons

  • Current Affairs Analysis : Geospatial Information Regulation Bill

    Current Affairs is the key for the IAS Preparation and it is well established after the IAS Prelims Exam. But as we said earlier also, Its the Current Affairs background and Analysis which help in the IAS Main Exam and it is the imperative for the IAS Prepration. In recent years, the nature of questions asked in UPSC IAS Mains as well as Prelims Exam has changed significantly. Please read this important current affairs analysis of the Geospatial Information Regulation Bill

    Aug 29, 2016
  • IAS Exam:Climate Change and Food Security

    Food Security is an important aspect of Right to Life. Our Constitution gaurantees the right to life and in the light of the changing climatic condidtions, this right is affected very much. It is an important Topic for the UPSC IAS Main Exam. Lets deal with it in detail

    Apr 5, 2016
  • Major Threats to Himalayan Biodiversity - UPSC IAS Main GS Paper I

    Himalaya is standing as our northern Defence Wall since time immemorial. We don't have the great Indian wall with us as China have but we have the Great Himalayas working in almost same manner. But due to various anthropogenic phenomenons, there is an increasing threat to the Biodiversity oh Himalayas

    Oct 16, 2015