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IAS Mains GS II Other Developmental Issues

हिंदी में पढ़ें

Current Affairs for IAS Prelims Exam 2016

Aug 3, 2016
From IAS Toppers to IAS Mentors, all are stressing hard the importance of Current Affairs in the whole process of Civil Services Examination. Some of the IAS Toppers mentioned that the IAS Prelim is little bit leaning towards fact and their analysis. All of them are stressing the correlation between Current Affairs and the IAS Exam.

UPSC IAS Exam : Drug Policy in India

Apr 11, 2016
Drug Policy in India needs to be implemented with the full dedication because only formal implementation will not do. The Govenrment has to make efforts to implement it fully in actions not in words only.

UPSC IAS Main Exam : GS Paper II : The unholy nexus of Politician, Mafia and Bureaucrat

Oct 9, 2015
Under the Topic of the Polity and Governance in the Civil Services Main Exam, the current scenario is very important to focus on the Elections as well as the trend in the Indian Polity. Read the Article to Know the Implications

UPSC IAS Main Exam : GS Paper II : European Refugee Crisis

Oct 7, 2015
UPSC IAS Mains Exam will be commencing from 18 December 2015. After the government decision of making General Studies CSAT Paper Qualifying in nature, the completion increased in the IAS Main Exam manifolds. The European Refugee Crisis is an very important topic for the IAS Mains and it is explained in this article.

UPSC IAS Main Exam: GS Paper II: India’s Infrastructure needs and the Smart Cities Project

Sep 21, 2015
Infrastructure remains an important topic for the Civil Services Exam and this article provides the glimpse of the Smart cities project of the Government of India.

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