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IAS Mains GS III - Environment and Ecology

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Cleaning of River Ganga: Programmes & Achievements

Dec 27, 2017
Rapidly increasing population, rising standards of living and exponential growth of industrialization and urbanization has exposed water resources, in general, and rivers, in particular, to various forms of degradation. The mighty Ganga is no exception.

National Green Tribunal of India for IAS

Oct 5, 2017
The relevance of National Green Tribunal has been increased in the last few years with a view to the growing concern of environmental degradation and climate change. Such Topics are very important in terms of IAS Exam and the IAS aspirants should prepare such topics well before the IAS Exam. Here, we have highlighted the relevance and landmark judgments of NGT will be beneficial for IAS preparation.

The Hindu: The Conservation of Sunderbans

Jul 26, 2017
The biodiversity issues facing by Sunderban Delta and the various species of the region are very important in terms of IAS Mains Exam. In this article, we have elaborated that why the conservation or Sunderban Delta region is vital.

India Year Book 2017 Crux: Environment Part IV

Apr 13, 2017
Environment conservation and sustainable development are very crucial issues for the IAS prelims exam. Hence, we provide India year book crux of environment chapter for IAS Prelims Exam 2017.

India Year Book 2017 Crux: Environment Part II

Mar 29, 2017
In the IAS prelims exam, the environment and conservation form a core study area and it covers a good portion of the question paper. Hence, we provide India year book crux of environment chapter for IAS Prelims Exam 2017.

IAS Exam: Environmental Concern is changing the course of International Politics

Nov 15, 2016
Ecological Footprint and the Carrying Capacity became the buzzwords in the International Politics since 1992. The International Politics is moving towards the consensus to achieve the Environmental goals spelt out in the UNFCC in 1992. Let us analyse, how the Environmental Concerns is shaping the world Politics.


Jun 14, 2016
Solid Waste Management is one of the critical parts of the sustainable development which is a core issue of Environmental Concern world over. Civil Services (IAS) Exam always asks questions from these core areas. The number of questions is increasing from these areas in the IAS Prelims Exam as the Environmental Concern is also increasing at the societal level. As we can see in the IAS Prelims Previous Year Question Papers, the questions from this section are increasing.

UPSC IAS Prelims Exam: Environment and Ecology: Glossary of Terms - 4

Oct 7, 2015
The Environment and Ecology forms an indispensable part of the Civil Services Prelims Exam especially after the year 2011 and the combining of the Indian Forest Services Preliminary Exam with the Civil Services Prelims. Here we are presenting a glossary of terms

Green Climate Fund Explained for UPSC IAS Main Exam

Oct 5, 2015
Green climate fund is one of the important topic for the UPSC IAS Main Exam. All the Developmental Projects are filtered out through their environment impact assessment and then only get the clearance.

UPSC IAS Prelims : Environment and Ecology : IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria

Aug 5, 2015
IUCN Red List has been always a top priority for Union Public Service Commission in Prelims Examination. This article would benefit candidate to know about the various Categories under IUCN Red List. This article would also benefit candidate to know about the criterias for different categories.

IAS Main (Written) Exam 2014:General Studies III: Important Topics for Environment and Ecology

Oct 9, 2014
This article contains important topics of Envrironment and Ecology for IAS Main (Written) General Studies III

IAS Main 2013: Important Topics for Environment and Ecology

Nov 22, 2013
The IAS Main 2013 is commencing from 2 December, 2013. The Scheme of Exam is notified by the UPSC.

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