06.04.15 | Alert – Engineering Exam (इंजीनियरिंग परीक्षा)

Apr 6, 2015 16:50 IST

What parameters to check before selecting Engineering College

There is a huge number of private and government of engineering college in India. Sometimes for a student, it becomes very difficult to choose an engineering college for higher studies. Very few are aware that what should be checked before taking admission to an engineering college. With the following check points, candidates can ensure the admission to a better institute.

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Accreditation & Affiliations: Before getting admitted to any college in India, the accreditations and affiliations for the engineering colleges must be properly checked. For the courses in institutions the accreditation is given by the AICTE. For the University, accreditation to the courses and the university is given by the UGC. The accreditation numbers can be checked on the official websites of UGC & AICTE. Moreover course affiliations for an institute must be checked. Every institute is affiliated to a university and the degrees provided by the institute are of the university. These parameters are must to check before admissions.

Certifications: NAAC and NBA are the agencies in India which provide category certifications to an institute, like IITs and NITS come under A/A+ category. If any institute is claiming any such type of certifications then it must be checked on the official websites of these agencies. Along with this companies also provide certifications to the institute which also increase the reputation of an engineering college.

Placement: Placement is one of the most important factors to be checked by a candidate before taking admission. It can be checked on the official website of the institute, news and media channel websites and the social networking sites.

Reputation: Reputation of an engineering college can be checked on the social media channels like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter etc. Reputation can be checked by the comments posted by the students and faculties on the social media page of the institute.

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