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Jan 27, 2015 16:01 IST

First phase of IIT placements is now over. The first phase of placement process in 2015 was in news for very high salary packages offered by different companies to the students of different IITs. This year's placement was different in many ways as some of the students declined crore plus packages, more than 50% of batch got placed in all the IITs and in IIT Bombay 1000 job offers are made to the students. Following article covers such type of 5 major trends which were not in the IIT placement of previous years..

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1. High salary packages:

The major trend in this year’s placement at IIT was the salary packages. As per the different sources, the highest salary package was of INR 2.0 crore. The package was offered by the oracle to a student of IIT-BHU and also by the Facebook to a student of IIT-Bombay.  So many companies offered the package of more than 1 crore to the students of IITs.

Another important aspect related to such high packages is that only 2 – 3% of the whole batches are able to avail such good packages. The average package in IITs is always in lacs and very few (sometimes 1 or 2) are able to get such salaries. Moreover such packages are mostly offered to in the foreign locations. Sometimes it is also considered that these data are based on the unofficial inputs as there is no official verification for such high packages.

2. Major recruiters are IT & E-commerce companies:

In the current placement season IT and E-commerce companies have led recruitments at the IITs. Except these companies various other companies like automobile industries, chemical industries, infrastructure companies and other highly renowned companies have also visited the IITs. Another very surprising trend was that the new companies have also recruited a good number of IITians and offered good packages to them.

The new companies included Nutanix, BrowserStack, OyoRooms, GetMeAShop, Edgeverve, Clavileno Capital, Practo and Sigmoid Analytics. But the top recruiters at the IIT campuses were Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, Flipkart, VISA Inc, Maruti Suzuki, TVS, Tata Motors, General Motors, Reliance, Goldman Sachs and ICICI Lombard. However, in a few IITs, students’ inclination was observed towards Core-Engineering sector.

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