6 Pictures to test your Intelligence

Take the challenge to test your intelligence with this picture quiz and see if you are able to crack all the images. Exercise your brain to check your IQ

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As a kid, you must have solved various riddles in order to test your IQ. Through this article, we bring for you some interesting picture puzzles so that you can continue this practice and relish the childhood memories while preparing for your targeted entrance exams as well. Take this challenge of unlocking the mystery behind the pictures and test your IQ.

6 Pictures Teasers are given below to test your Intelligence

Picture Teaser 1

Jagga Jasos was on the treasure hunt and found the below picture on the way which is pointing to the direction towards the treasure.


Can you guess in which direction should Jagga Jasos move in order to find the ‘treasure’?

Answer*: Refer to the solution column provided at the end

Note: It is recommended that you check the answers after you have solved all the mystery behind all the pictures. It will not spoil the fun of solving the teaser images

Picture Teaser 2

Try to decipher the hidden month name that is hidden in the picture shown below:


Answer*: Refer to the solution column provided at the end

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Picture Teaser 3

A genius can crack this picture tease in 10 seconds. Bill Gates solved this teaser in 20 seconds. Let us see how much time you will take to solve this teaser.

Here are 5 different shapes. Pick out which variant is the ODD ONE OUT?


Answer*: Refer to the solution column provided at the end

Picture Teaser 4

There are six glasses put up on the table in a row. The first three glasses are full of orange juice and the next three are empty glasses.


By touching only one glass, how can you make then alternate between full and empty?

Answer*: Refer to the solution column provided at the end

Picture Teaser 5

The best way to stack cannon balls is to arrange them as a square pyramid as shown in the picture below.


Can you quickly count the total number of cannon balls that are arranged in this stack?

Answer*: Refer to the solution column provided at the end

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Picture Teaser 6

Karan wants to reach an island which is in the middle of the river. The island is 30 feet from the edge of the river. He has got two wooden planks which are 29 feet each. See the picture below to understand the situation.


How will Karan reach the Island? (Please note that Karan can’t swim)

Answer*: Refer to the solution column provided at the end


SOLUTIONS of Picture Teasers

Solved Picture 1:

Jagga Jasos will move in SOUTH direction


Solved Picture 2:

If you cut the above provided image horizontally in 2 pieces, the bottom piece of the image will read like this:


So the answer is JULY

Solved Picture 3:

The answer is the first one, because it is the one which is not an ODD ONE OUT.


Rest all the other shapes are uncommon. The second figure is the one that is not square. The third figure is not RED in colour. The fourth figure is the one without a frame. The fifth figure is small in size.

Solved Picture 4:

In this case, you can pour the orange juice from the second glass into the fifth glass to make them alternate.


Solved Picture 5:

There are total 30 balls in the stack of the cannon balls


Solved Picture 6:

Karan used both the plans smartly as shown in the picture below:


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    the las one is nonsense! it said it is a river, but the solution given is not possible with the river!!!