CAT previous year papers: Six ways to use it for exam preparation

Apr 25, 2019 13:30 IST
CAT 2017

Are you stuck with your CAT exam preparation strategy? At times there comes a situation when you all the books get exhausted and there is no study material from which you can read anything new to prepare for the exam. When such a situation arise, choose the smartest option and pick CAT previous year papers to boost your preparation. CAT previous papers can be used when there is a month's time left for appearing in the exam. During this peak time, practicing from the CAT previous papers is the best tool to reduce anxiety gain confidence to appear in the exam.

So transforming your CAT preparation strategy in a crash-course format. USe the CAT previous papers and refer to the CAT exam pattern to get ready for the D-day. Among various revision strategies suggested by experts, the easiest and most effective one is using CAT previous papers. Here are 6 good reasons that will compel you to use them for your upcoming CAT 2019 exam:

Covers the entire CAT exam syllabus

Although the CAT 2016 exam pattern has undergone some major changes this year, the changes in the CAT syllabus are minor. This means that the majority of questions being asked in CAT 2016 would follow the same format as mentioned earlier exams. Here’s where the previous year question paper of CAT will play a vital role in helping you revise through the entire syllabus.

CAT 2019 Syllabus and Pattern

Includes different types of Question Formats

In addition to this, the previous year question papers will also have questions from all the three section of Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning as well as Verbal Ability. The questions cover all the different formats and types which will help you familiarize and be comfortable with them.

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Helps you gauge your speed

We don’t have to remind you that time is of the key essence when it comes to cracking CAT exam. With limited sectional time limit being implemented from this year, the task of belling the CAT just got more difficult. In this quest of optimizing the available time, candidates can use previous year CAT papers. Solving previous year CAT papers will help you time yourself well and identify the areas that are consuming too much time.

Ensures Accuracy

With negative marking dooming dreams of several MBA aspirants, it is very important for you to ensure accuracy along with speed. While speed is necessary to ensure that you are able to attempt the maximum number of questions, accuracy will help you to avoid negative marking. In fact, it has been proved over the years that solving previous year CAT papers is the ideal way to enhance your performance and improve your accuracy for the upcoming exam.

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Evaluate your preparation

Many MBA aspirants are often overconfident about their CAT preparation based on their performance in mock-tests and sample papers. However, the quality and format of questions being asked in the actual CAT exam is much different and tougher. Therefore, in order to evaluate your CAT preparation, previous year’s papers will come in handy.

Confidence Booster

The days before CAT exam are full of self-doubts and as we all know confidence also plays a key role in cracking CAT 2018. And what can be better confidence booster than solving and seeing your performance improve in the previous year CAT exam papers. In addition to this, these papers will also help you to identify your weak areas and improve on them gradually. Therefore, solving previous year question papers will surely act as a morale booster for you.

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These are some of the ways in which using previous year question papers can help you complete the revision process. In fact, to help you further, we have provided all the previous year CAT papers here. You can find all CAT previous year paper’s here and start your countdown from today.

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