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10 Off-beat jobs that will have you super-excited

Balwant Tripathi

Want to become successful but don’t want to get stuck with the conventional career option! Then, there are some unconventional career options available which might attract you with their own weird ways.

To know what most unconventional jobs or career options are there for you which might attract you, keep the reading continue as here, we have enlisted top 10 interesting career for else than you.

Skydiving instructor

A Skydiving instructor helps the trainees to learn the safety procedures and process required for their first jump. It can impart with teaching courses or with supervision of jumps. Besides these, the instructor also teaches basic lessons, quizzes and other to those who are experienced and looking for license.

Travel food show host

The Travel-food-shows are among those TV shows which are largely watched and liked by the audience.In a travel food show, the host of the programme travel to different cities, cultures, and countries, and have lunch, breakfast and dinner at roadside dhabas, small food stalls, and sometimes five stars hotel. During the course of their journey, they continue narrating the speciality of the food they are having.

Hotel Reviewer

As a Hotel reviewer, you would have opportunity to not only to stay in the luxurious hotel but the opportunity of getting paid for it. A hotel reviewer analyses and prepares a concrete review about the hotel, after collecting some important details about the hotel. The travel company pay them a good amount of money for their work which is completed in flexible work hours.

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Blimp pilots

As a blimp pilot- cuter version of airplanes- fly these blimps for many different purposes. Sometimes for ferrying passengers, providing full tv coverage of different events such as sports, cultural and others and sometimes for advertisements of different companies. In a blimp, there is no hydraulic or electrical assistance to control flying. Besides this, there is no autopilot mode to fly this. Pedals to go left and right, wheels on each sides to control pitch, and two engines for going faster and slower are provided you in a blimp to fly it


A Greensman manages and brings all the green stuffs required by the crew member on film set. Besides renting, planting, and replanting, the Greensman also takes care of all greenery-natural or synthetic at the movie set. The beautiful leaf, petal, branch, or flower which you see in almost every movie is managed by the Greensman. 

Luxury bed tester

You would never have thought if you would be paid for work which even your parents don’t like you doing it. Yes! If sleeping is that bad habit for which you have been facing criticism of your friends, brother, sisters, and even parents for long, then becoming a Luxury bed tester is most suitable job for you. As a Luxury bed tester, you would need to pay attention to every facet while testing a bed.

Private island caretaker

Becoming a private island caretaker is quite productive job. You will get all everyone could wish for. As a private island caretaker, you will get opportunity to stay close to the beautiful water body, greenery, and natural beauties. Besides these benefit of the handsome salary, you would need not travel daily to office, or field work, facing traffic jams , pollution, and cantakerous atmosphere of the city. 

Party planner

Most of us plan, manage and organise parties, functions, and events of our families. For the job no one gets paid. Here, what is amazing is that you would get paid for the same if you build you career as a party planner. Food, decoration, music, dance floor and other would be your prime responsibilities that would need to handle well as a party planner, fulfilling the demand and expectations of the client.

Ferrari driving instructor

Every car lover fosters a dream to drive the Ferrari-the most luxurious sports car at once in a life. If you’re among one of them, then too you don’t need to buy it. Instead, you need to learn how to drive it and instruct others the same. As a Ferrari driving instructor, you will get handsome amount of money as salary apart from the fun you would avail driving it.


Most of the people don’t like to get stuck with the traditional or conventional job. They have their own interests and expertise which are required sometimes to the some off beat jobs and sometimes to most weird jobs. For those who are having some skill set or wish to build career in the some unconventional field, we have put here in the article a list jobs as a suggestion.

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