10 Most interesting things students can do when getting bored

Technology has made our life easier as well as entertaining. However, sometimes it is lack of interest that we feel bored even after being occupied by electronic gadgets. Boredom is actually an opportunity for you to improve your life in some or other way. A student's mission should be to make the best use of time and other resources spent in learning to create value for oneself and to the society.

Here are 10 things a student should do if he or she is getting bored:

1. Reading all new stuff

The First, thing you should do is reading. Read and read a lot. Study about something you find exciting. Change the genre of books you usually read; not just fiction, try to read autobiography of famous and inspirational personalities, like those of Barack Obama, APJ Abdul Kalam, and Jawaharlal Nehru.

2. Learn new things; Craft, Paintings or may be Sculpturing


Next, you could take up a craft. Like crocheting, knitting or loom knitting, this is simple. Look up Knifty Knitter on Google and it will show you what it is. Get some yarn, learn how to make hats and donate them to the homeless. Giving back to the community where you live help alleviate boredom and give sort of pleasure.

3. Volunteering and Social work


Go and start volunteering at an orphanage or at a homeless shelter. That will prevent boredom and give you an outlook on life that you can get in any other way, that of how lucky you are. Think of all you have and yet you getting bored!

4. Open your artistic side


Get some colouring books and colours. It’s a good way to open up the artistic side of yourself, and it is fun. Express your thoughts and fantasies with paint and brush. Believe me, drawing and painting is the most soothing way of helping your brain evacuate all the junk and refresh for all new learning.

5. Take up a music, dance or singing course


Enrol yourself in a class, if you haven’t. Learn something new. Open yourself to better things in the world and realize that there's more to life than what you have. All this will fill your boring hours and give you stuff to do. Hopefully you will discover something to do that will take away your boredom and help you move to a more mature human being.

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6. Make realistic goals, think about future plans


Yes, this is the most important and helpful thing to remove the boredom. Ask yourself about what your aim is and what exactly you are doing in order to achieve your goals. For a student time is the most valuable resource; thus, one has to identify the most important tasks that add value to one's education and focus on them.  You should try to set aside a specific period during the day/night when the energy levels are high to perform the most important tasks. Make a full proof plan for your career, reaching the goal and achieving that feat.

Start working: Identify your strengths, your weaknesses, your hobbies.  Find out where you want to be 10 years down the line.

7. Travel and travel plans


If you like travelling, make a list of places you would want to go, visit those places and try writing about them. When you are getting bored (just in case), you can read it, it'll make you ecstatic.

8. Meditate


This is the biggest stress reliever given the fact that we people have to deal with a lot of stress daily in our life. Our brain is mostly like a boiling pressure cooker and it definitely needs rest so that the body can rejuvenate and heal itself for oncoming activities.

9. Talk to people


We are social beings we need to talk to people. Start conversations, even with strangers. When you interact with people you don't know, you get the chance to break out of your comfort zone and change your view of reality altogether. This can spark creative ideas, give you new ideas to think about, and plenty more and at the end you will get a new friend.

10. Get out of your comfort zone


Dare to step out of your shell and see the world. Sometimes, you need the courage to defeat boredom. Boredom, at times, invokes courage. Grab the opportunity and face your fear. That way, you’d be killing two birds in one stone. You killed boredom and conquered fear at the same time.

Jagranjosh.com will end up saying that, Remember! A student should have only one motto in his/her life; "To achieve excellence in whatever I decide to do!"

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