IT Job Cuts got your worried? These 20 technology skills can help you emerge a winner

Technology is a funny thing, especially when it comes to the 21st century. Before we start to grasp the magnanimity of a new and evolving technology, the hype and the effectiveness associated with it already begins to diminish. This creates a major problem for job seekers who have invested nearly all of their higher education in learning the necessary skills to master a particular technology. Along with this, it also creates a challenge for IT employers to either constantly help their employees update their tech skill set or look for new employees who are masters of the new technology.

The current gloom of IT layoffs and IT job cuts can also be associated with this phenomenon to an extent. Along with the economic compulsions of running a business, the outdated skill set of Indian tech work bench had already created a mismatch between for what’s in demand in the job market and what’s available in terms of technology resources.

How to beat the gloom that surrounds the IT Job market?

But, is all done and dusted as far as IT jobs are concerned. Should the tech experts of yesterday who were well versed in relatively older technology give up their jobs and look for alternative employment options? Not really!

Like every other job, even IT sector demand it’s employees to update and reskill themselves. But due to the dynamic nature of the Information Technology field, the reskilling is required in a very short time span (read 3-5 years). Therefore, if you are ready to grow, adapt and reinvent your tech skills, the current IT gloom shouldn’t bother you so much.

The Silver Lining

In fact, if you are one of those IT people who are constantly curious about the next big thing, it actually works in your favour. With emergence of you new technology, there is also a rise in the demand of resources / manpower who can mould this technology into usable projects. In other words, evolving technology opens up vast opportunities for you as businesses chase innovative solutions.

For instance, the emerging tech of natural language processing has been in super great demand in the Indian IT domain. And employees or tech experts who are comfortable with this technology not only find relevant job opportunities but also command premium rates for their services in the job market.

So, what’s the next big thing in Tech?

There are many conflicting reports stating the next big thing in tech, and this has been the norm since last 10 years. But, many of those which were predicted to be the next big thing in the tech world, have also failed quite miserable. Therefore, predicting exactly what will turn up the heat in the tech domain in the coming two years is  a super tricky job.

But a a Bloomberg report on the Upwork data has been quite consistent with regards to predicting the next major movers in the technology domains. On the basis of 2017 version of this report, we have listed down the key technology domains which will see excellent growth in the next couple of years.

20 tech skills which have high demand in the digital world



MySQL programming

Social media management

Brand Strategy

3d rendering

Angular JS

Natural Language Processing


Machine learning

Instagram Marketing

Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MSW)

User experience design

Business consulting

R development



Zendesk customer support

Information security

Node.js development

So, if you are planning your next big move in the tech world, or want to reinvent your IT career with a new direction, do consider skilling yourself in any of the aforementioned tech skills. These skills are not only going to create ample demand for jobs but will also get you higher pay cheques as compared to the earlier or soon to be obsolete tech domains.

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