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How some secret agent’s techniques can get you ahead at work?

Balwant Tripathi

Transparency and impartial behaviour is important to build professional credibility. But, little secrecy and some undercover techniques become more important when it comes to achieving success and growth; especially at a workplace where everyone wants to get ahead of you. Some of the skills that are developed as a secret agent or a police officer can help you much in the most competitive corporate world. It may be a skill to interpret verbal, non-verbal cues or to interact with people in a way to produce the desired response which could get you ahead at work. However, here we are suggesting three ways to take advantage of a secret agents’ working-style which can help you to advance your career.

Build professional image at work

Every professional has different passion, ambition, and motivations as well as different kind of knowledge and expertizes. What makes them the desired or liked one is an understanding with their co-workers, managers or employers? It helps them to achieve success. To know and develop a good understanding of anyone, you first need to know what can motivate them. An ability to recognize how you can incentivize talk may help you to create certain responses. You can work efficiently and maintain the team spirit if you know your co-workers and managers. It could somewhere help you to emerge as an efficient team leader which would build a good image of you at work. And, this would build such an environment around you wherein people will help you to excel your skill, knowledge and expertizes which is necessary to get ahead at work.

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Know the answers with listening silently and attentively

People cautiously conceal and selectively offer the facts when they are questioned in police investigation regarding a crime or mishappening. But, they often provide some additional information when the investigators stay quiet. An awkward situation is created due to silence when the investigators refrain from saying anything. This awkward silence suggests the people being questioned in a police investigation that the investigators aren’t satisfied which creates a psychological pressure on interviewees to speak more. It ultimately unveils something that is initially intended to be concealed by the interviewees. So, when going through strategic discussions with co-workers, seniors, or employers, try to remain silent and listen to them attentively. It would somewhere help you know about some important facts which could be helpful in the advancement of the career.   

Develop an art to negotiate, influence and persuade others

The communication and negotiation skill play a crucial role to unmask the truth; especially when it is been hidden by a conspirator or a witness in the police investigation room. The investigators adopt a strategic way to negotiate with the persons to question which often influences and persuades them to reveal the truth.  The skills to negotiate, influence, and pursued others become of paramount importance when it comes to working and achieving success in a competitive corporate company. It may be your manager, co-workers, or employers to whom you would need to negotiate with, influence and persuade. In a corporate company, you can’t get success if you don’t know the art to persuade others. While the work-performance is base to career growth expectations, the communication skill is base to the justification for expected growth. You can’t get expected career growth even after registering a good performance at work if you aren’t able to justify your expectations. So, when expecting promotions, handsome salary hike or others form of success at work trying to improve your negotiation skills. It would help you to justify your demand that could persuade your manager or employer to fulfill them. 


In a corporate company especially where there are many professionals other than you eyeing to the same goal and looking for a moment to get ahead of you, achieving success is not less than staying on the toes always. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t even work for achieving career growth. In straightforward words, success is somewhere depends upon the circumstances which you can create by building your image, developing an art to negotiate, influence, and persuade others, and of course by active listening. In this article, we have shared some undercover techniques that can help you to get ahead at work. 

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