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4 proven ways to set and achieve larger goals at work

Balwant Tripathi

Like other professionals, you must have some goals in your professional life which you would like to achieve. Improving ability and achieving day-to-day targets may become a key element to the job satisfaction that could keep you motivated for success at work. Genuinely, it doesn’t lead only to job satisfaction but also helps to achieve long-term professional goals. If you complete your daily work and achieve the targets you are more likely to achieve success at work. It would benefit the organization to meet business objectives if you know and achieve your goals. And, it may help you to stay more with the company when you see a bright future and feel supported to meet your career aspirations. In this article, we have explained about how to set objectives and achieve success at work.

See the goal entirely

You may have to face many difficulties to reach a particular destination if you don’t know where you need to embark your journey and up to where. It applies to all kind journeys; either reaching a hill station or achieving a goal in the professional life. You first need to see the due course of journey goal entirely which you need to take to reach the desired destination. It would additionally help you to figure out what more preparations do you need to achieve your goal which could help you face the challenges and problems that might occur during your career journey. So, when setting your professional goal, see the larger goal entirely and make preparations according to your current position and desired positions in the company. It would help you to take the right course of action that could help you to advance your career.

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Break your larger goal into small objectives

An ultimate goal may be seen single in number but couldn’t be achieved without completing multiple objectives. And, if you can’t be able to complete the objectives that are many in number, you can’t be able to achieve your goal. To achieve a goal, the best way is to see your goal entirely and figure out what you need to do from starting point of the goal you want to achieve. It would help you to see how much you’re prepared and what more you need to be prepared to achieve your ultimate goal. So, when planning to achieve your professional goal, see your final destination in mind and then see the multiple objectives included in your goal. It would help you easily to completed different objectives to achieve a goal that could eventually ensure your success at work.

Pen down your plans

It may sound you like an instruction of a school teacher to its students but it’s the most effective way to organize your efforts. Despite having crystal clear action-plan in mind, people sometimes fail to make efforts in an organized manner which culminates failure and depression. Hence, your efforts may go in vain if you don’t organize them. The best way to organize your effort is just writing all of them down on a paper. It could help you to take the due course action on time that would ensure your success.    

Know about your performance at work

Mostly, the working professionals don’t seek to know about their performances and feel demotivated when their promotions or salary increment expectations are jolted by the performance appraisal system of the company. Performance is improved by the perfect practice which takes time and of course cross-checking at certain time intervals. It may be daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly which could help you time to know your mistakes and make efforts to correct or overcome them. But, don’t stretch the time span too much as it could be difficult for you to correct and keep the multiple numbers of mistakes in mind which would lead you probably to make the same mistakes again. Though the companies officially review their performance of workers, yet you can unofficially get your manager’s feedback on the performance on short-spanning time intervals. It would help you to improve your performance at work which could pave you a way to success.


Little drops make a mighty ocean and small and constant efforts results in big achievement. But, making efforts in a way to achieve dream goals is somewhere a confusing task, which can be overcome only seeing the larger entirely, breaking it down into small objectives, writing down action plan and improving performance at work. In this article, we have shared 4 tips to get success at work which could be helpful in achieving success.

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