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Attract dream companies with these tips

Balwant Tripathi

The recruiters or employers of the corporate companies receive countless job applications every day. Each of them are crafted and presented in such a manner that they can help a candidate to get noticed by the potential recruiters. In such a situation, you may wonder what more you can do to stand out from the crowd. No doubt, a well-crafted cover letter and flawless resume leaves a good impression. But, with other candidates submitting equally compelling resumes and cover letter, you must have something special that promises to catch the attention of the recruiter.

Well, if you are looking for a job at your Dream Company and want the recruiter to notice your application, follow the tips we have explained in this article. It would help you to catch the attention of potential employers or recruiters.


In all spheres of life, presentation speaks louder than the words. You can’t impress others even in your personal life if you don’t know the art of presentation. Same applies to the candidates hiring process wherein the potential recruiters or employers of the big corporate companies are always on a look out for potential candidates. You might lose the opportunity if you don’t know how to represent yourself. So, first you need to be professional in your presentation, either it’s in person or online. Incorporate your professional accomplishments, work experience, work profile, relevant knowledge, skill and expertise in your presentation at different online or offline platforms. It would let the potential recruiters to know more about your professional life that could help you to easily impress them.  

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Stretch your presence

You can’t take advantage of any opportunity if you don’t know anything about it. And getting the information about the development taking place every moment requires you to keep your eyes open. For it, you need to increase your presence. Either with your online presence or offline, you need to keep your eyes on the opportunities. You would get the opportunities as much as you try the stretch your presence. So, first increase your presence at both online and offline platforms. Build good relations with the professionals who are working in the industry or the company you look as your dream workplace. It would help you in a way to know about the opportunities that could help you to make efforts for grabbing them.   

Set Goals

An aimless person can reach nowhere other than randomly moving from one place to another. Likewise, no job seeker can get something conclusive as a result of extensive job search if he doesn’t set goals. So, setting goals is something that should precede other processes of job search. It will help the potential recruiters or employers easily to understand what actually you’re looking for. And they will show interest in you when you meet their expectations as a part of candidate hiring process.    

Keep accomplishments fresh and complete

The recruiters or employers always seek to know about what are the achievements of a candidate when they go to the professional profile of a candidate. It helps them to ascertain whether a candidate is fit for the job or not. Without wasting any time, they show their interest in the candidates when they find them competent for the job they are offering to the candidates. This is how the process of candidate hiring usually initiates. You can’t get any positive result if you fail to impress the recruiters or employers at this stage of the candidate selection process. So, cite your accomplishment as clearly as possible and pursue the recruiters to invite you for other hiring processes by presenting all of them in strong manner. It would help to get a job in your dream company.     


When everyone is submitting well-crafted cover letter and Resume to get a job, standing apart from the other candidates, aspiring for the same is quite a difficult task. But, there are some ways that can help you to make your overall presentation for a job different from others. In this article, we have explained how you can maintain a difference between you and other job aspirants in your overall presentation for a job. It would help you to easily grab a job in your dream company.

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