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5 Things to Keep in Mind while Taking Online Tests | Expert Speak

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Given the on-going Coronavirus pandemic some changes have become necessary in the way we do everything. In fact, this is the new normal. The education system in India is also changing accordingly and is adapting to these changes.

During this unprecedented situation, in a trice, the Education system turned to the online approach, and students had to adapt to this change. Therefore, they started attending live classes, pre-recorded lectures, and also taking online tests.

The online examinations have emerged as a more time-saving option for the students, but the fear of online is what limits the students from performing to the optimum level. This situation can be easily addressed by keeping some important things in mind. If you're also a student who's giving an online test, you will find these tips helpful.

Things Student Must Remember While Giving Online Exams:

Get Familiar With Technology: The students need to get comfortable with the idea of taking online exams. For that, they need to know everything about the website and software on which they are taking exams. Also, they should learn how their computer works that they don’t run into any last-minute problems. Taking care of the Internet connection and having a backup plan would also be beneficial (For example, if the Internet is not working then the student should be ready to use a hotspot on a mobile phone.)

Read Instructions: Each online exam has its own set of instructions. A paper might be presented in the MCQ form which requires ticking the correct option(s), filling in the blanks, or uploading the answers online. There are different patterns for MCQs:  you may be able to see all the questions and attempt them randomly, whereas in others you may only go forward by answering in the ascending order, so one needs to be very clear about instructions and read them carefully.

Take Advantage of the Allotted Time: Students have a habit of rushing in. They choose the options without paying attention to the questions; instead they should make use of the time that has been allocated to them. Read and solve the questions accordingly and also solve the questions on paper sheets or notebooks, because the final paper will be in a conventional way or otherwise by writing you develop bio and muscle memory.

Take Practice Tests: As the system of the online exams is relatively new, the students must take practice tests conducted by the school. This will help the students get familiar with the online system, and the fear during the main exams would also be less. So you may ask School Teachers to take practice tests or reach out to the Institutions conducting practice exams, ask for tests to make you aware of the patterns and hence make you sound and confident in attempting papers and tests.

Ultimate Step: The last and foremost step needs to be taken after you have answered your questions. Do not press the submit button before rechecking your answers as you might not be able to correct them again. Always respect the time and submit the answers within the allotted time.

Last but not the least, relax and remain confident at all times. You will ace the exam!

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