5 tips for anger management of high school students

Anger is a major issue with students these days, it is most likely with students who are under pressure from studies and also immaturity is also one of the major reasons for this. There could be many logical or illogical reasons for anger issues in teenagers but the most common reasons for anger in high school students are –

  • Teenagers feel dominated by parents/elders for their choices.
  • Sometimes, teenagers feel that their demands are fulfilled this way because they are treated like this since their childhood and they were not taught about this as an issue.
  • Puberty is also a major reason for raging teenagers because of the physical and hormonal changes in their body and they get confused due to these drastic changes and they feel socially awkward too. This awkwardness makes them feel that they can avoid social situations by being angry.
  • Some teenagers are introvert which is a trait for not making friends and avoiding social gatherings. And to show their disinterest they get angry.

Teenage is sure considered as ‘confusion years’ in every person’s life but if anger is not taken seriously as an issue then, it can become a lifelong behavioural issue for high school students.

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Read here how to deal with anger issues in high school students –

1. Make them realise about anger as an issue. Let them feel that how anger works and how it is a drawback to them.

2. If they get angry due to awkwardness in social situations then, they should be counselled so. Don’t force them in social gatherings this can have opposite effect only. Let them come out for social gatherings themselves.

3. Make them meditate or practice calming themselves down. This will help them in a great way.

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4. Never react to their anger with your anger i.e. if they are shouting or doing harm to themselves or others, you should stop them but don’t react in a violent way to stop them. Violence will make the condition worse and they may further get angry and become more violent.

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5. When teenagers get angry, wait for them to cool down and give them space. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t hurt themselves or others. When they are all calm then carefully and quietly talk to them to understand their situation and make them understand that their reactions to their problem are wrong.

Why Anger issues in teenagers must be dealt as soon as possible –

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