6 Women Centric Courses that offer great career opportunities and excellent salary

Today’s women have broken the glass-ceiling and are waling shoulder to shoulder with men in every walk of life. But there are certain fields and domains in which women have always dominated men. These fields while traditionally known as strong hold for women candidates are also ideal for girl students of today who want to build a successful and prosperous career ahead.

So, if you are a young girl student searching for women centric courses that can give you ample career opportunities along with respectable salary and growth, you must consider joining any of the below mentioned courses for your graduate level studies.

1. Fashion Designing

Think about Fashion and the first thing that strikes your mind is young and beautiful girls dressed in impeccable clothing walking down the ramp. The mesmerizing clothing which you see there is created by fashion designers. Fashion designers are the magicians who weave their magic on simple clothes to create these marvelous creations that capture the imagination of youngsters.

While men have entered the fray in recent years as far as fashion designing as a career choice is concerned, but despite this the field primarily remains dominated by female fashion designers. If you love clothes and fashion, plus have the creativity to match it, Fashion Designing can be the ideal career choice for you.

Top Fashion Design Institutes:

2. Modeling

Taking the theme of Fashion Designing further, Modeling is another field in which girls have always been the dominant force. With the Millennials becoming increasingly fashion conscious, modeling has emerged as a great career option for women who want to be a fashion icon and an inspiration for the Young Indians.

In addition to making some serious ‘moolah’ as a fashion model, the opportunity to earn name and fame also acts as an added inspiration for the young girls joining this career. As has been the history, models in India have a higher chance of being scouted by Bollywood talent hunters and joining the billion dollar Film and Entertainment Industry.

Top Modeling Institutes:

3. Anchoring

 Another career field that is growing significantly specially for girls students has to be Anchoring. With popularity of news channels and TV shows on the rise, the demand for professional Anchors who can connect with the audiences and drive the conversation ahead. Girls with their pleasant personality are always preferred to the first choice when it comes to show anchoring. Much similar to the modeling career, Anchors do enjoy the privilege of high pay packages along with name and fame which goes with the job.

Top Anchoring Institutes:

4. Home Science

Home Science is another field which has been dominated by women since its inception. In the recent past, people have realized that home management is a real art and a challenge for many, which has given the much needed boost to the domain. Today, girls taking up Home Science as a viable career option have immense potential to grow and develop it as their mainstream job profile.

Plus, it pays very well, be it a career as a professional chef in a five star hotel or a health care expert who can help out patients in their hour of need. In addition to this, girl students also have the chance to emerge as nutrition experts are completing masters degree in Home Science.

Top Home Science Institutes

5. Teaching

Teaching is one evergreen career option that is always open for girl students. In fact, recent data coming in from across the country shows that maximum candidates graduating under B.Ed courses are girl students.

Teaching is a very noble and well-respected profession and to train and young mind requires a lot of patience which one of the primary traits of female personality making girls the ideal fit for teaching jobs. Apart from being well-respected, Teaching courses are also preferred by girl-students because they are safe career options which are always in demand.

Top B.Ed Colleges

6. Aviation Hospitality

 Aviation sector, especially the aviation hospitality sector is always looking for young professionals. With the rising number of private airlines in the country and government’s recent push to connect even smaller tier 2 cities through airway transport, the demand has grown even further.

The rising demand has also seen rise in the number of Air Hostess Training Institutes in metros as well as tier 1 and tier 2 cities. During training, girl students are groomed in the art of communication, crisis management, social etiquettes and people management.

Top Aviation Hospitality Institutes

These are just few of the women centric courses after which girl students can dream of a vibrant and successful career ahead of them. These courses while being oriented towards women also help girls develop the confidence to gives them the chance to leave men behind in these career domains.

If you think that we have missed out on any important Women Centric Courses that can provide girls the right career opportunity, do point them out in the comments below. You can also subscribe for our newsletter by providing your email id and other important information in the form provided on this page.

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