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7 Bollywood Films that can inspire to pick the right career

Nidhi Gupta

Picking a right career that promises growth and long term monetary gains in indeed a difficult task. These decisions often involve confusion they restrict us in pursuing a career that can fulfil both our passion and promises financial security. 

People wish to become successful dancers, singers and painters but parents are apprehensive about such career choices because their scope seems limited and financial security is often questionable. It is considered that people with links in the industry can give a boost in glamorous professional domains. But, contrary to what we feel about the off-beat career choices, here are a few movies that will help you pick the right career.

There is always a beginning of pursuing your dreams and only if you believe in the power of your dreams, they will turn true. Movies are the best vivid teachers to teach you that your off-beat career choice might help you earn a good name and fame in future.

So, here are 7 Bollywood Films that can inspire to pick the right career:

1. Dangal

Release Year: 2016

Theme: Biographical Sports Drama Film

Why watch it: A blockbuster hit by Aamir Khan which introduces us to the hues of pursuing a Sports career. Gender Bias is no more a taboo if you want to see yourself as a start sportsperson on national and international level. If you decide to venture in this career at the right age then you must get enrolled in under a good coach who will guide you and instill right techniques to beat the international players.

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Aamir Khan as a father of two-daughters trained them so well that even the professional coach was unable to discover their style of wrestling. Sport offers bright opportunity to the players and if you heart lies in this field then you are in for both name and fame and money will gradually follow your footsteps.

2. 3 Idiots

Release Year: 2009

Theme: Comedy Drama film on Education Sector

Why watch it: The emotional, educational, comedy drama movie is a take on the current education system of India and how it shapes the career of the students. The protagonist of the movie “Ranch” played by Aamir Khan focuses on the aspect that a person should focus on pursuing the career with which you connect. Had R.Madhvan chosen to become a engineer, the employer would have suffered because of his inability to perform exceedingly well and he wouldn’t have been able to live the dream of becoming a successful wildlife photographer.

Similarly, even after staying a 5 point someone, Sherman Joshi landed up with a great job in a multinational organisation because this is what he always wanted to achieve. In the end we also see “Rancho” running his own creative schools where he teaches students to make eco-friendly products using eco-friendly ways and means.

The movie emphasizes on the motto of life that goes “kamiyaab bano, safalta khus tumhare peechay ayegi

3. Fashion

Release Year: 2008

Theme: Drama Movie on Fashion Industry

Why watch it: Madhur Bhandarkar has presented life of a model in fashion industry. The journey moves on from a struggling model to touching the skies of success and then witnessing the downfall again. As an aspiring model if you wish to take a sneak peek into the life of a supermodel then do watch this flick. It will not only make you understand the emotional turmoil which ones goes through but will also make you question the role of moral values and other important aspects of life which one ignores while walking on the path of attaining success.

Consider the work of this director as an inspiration because at the beginning stages of your career you must consider working under a reputed fashion designer as an intern. Salary and paycheque are undoubtedly required to meet the needs of bread and butter but a considerable experience is the need to become a super model. Get in touch with good photographer to build your portfolio. Even freelance photographers are in trend these days who charge less and provide best quality of work.

The movie is not just about walking on the ramp, but also focuses on the power of networking when you decide to venture in this field to make a career. Other important factors such as gaining self-confidence, giving up on the addictions, and discovering life in a realistic manner, while being in the fashion industry are also the by-products of this career.   

4. Neerja

Release Year: 2016

Theme: Biographical Thriller Film on life of an Air-hostess

Why watch it: Winner of Ashoka Chakra and a brave-heart, Neerja movie is base don’t he life of a chivalrous Air-hostess who attempts to save the lives of 379 passengers on board when the flight gets hijacked by terrorist organisation “Abu Nidal Organization”. 

The movie showcases that a woman should not be restricted to household chores only and left to bear the domestic violence inflicted by her in-laws. She should raise her voice and aspire to pursue her dreams by choosing a career of her choice.

While many of us might feel that anyone can become an Air-hostess, but these days there are various institutes who offer professional know-how and skills that can help you earn handsome salary. For a person associated with hospitality industry, earning a monthly salary of Rs. 35,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- is a trend. As a woman, you must not give a second though to venture in hospitality industry if you feel that it is the best career to full-fills your aspirations. 

5. Guru

Release Year: 2007

Theme: Biographic movie based on the life of Dhirubhai Ambani

Why watch it: The Mani Ratnam flick is another blockbuster which will help you decide the course of your career. The movie chronicles the life of a successful business maestro who has made India proud on the global front.

Aspirants who wish to become a businessman can consider planning a career in the courses in which they can hone their skills in business management. Courses such as BBA, MBA, B.Com, Economics Honours and many alike offer the opportunity to sharpen the business acumen. 

Likewise the movie is sure-shot an inspiration for those who wish to become businessman and want to learn the tricks of running a business in the market filled with stiff competition. We also get to learn that it is the business idea which needs to have a solid foundation. Money is another crucial factor which will keep the business alive. If a person is resolute to believe in their power of dreams then achieving the impossible also become possible. 

6. Band Baja Baarat

Release Year: 2010

Theme: Drama movie about the struggle of Wedding Planners

Why watch it: Do you aspire to become a wedding planner? Does you friends laugh on your aspirations and parents belittle you of your choice of career?

Don’t worry! Make everyone watch this movie who mock you and you will surely be appreciated for your choice of career. Event management as a career field is taking up these days. The field offers budding professionals a pay of nearly Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- per month depending upon the type of work you choose to be in. For those who wish to be associated with this domain of glitz and glamour you can also consider to pursue your graduation in Hotel Management or Event Management. There are pretty good colleges/institutes offering a full-time AICTE approved professional degree in this domain. 

7. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

Release Year: 2009

Theme: Comedy Drama movie on the life of a Salesman

Why watch it: Salesman is the stepping stone to become a marketing manager in the business world. And this is the best designation if you wish to resonate with the demands of the consumers and understand their psychology.

For a fresher venturing in the field of marketing and sales, there are lot of professional degree, short-term (1 year) and certificate course which will help you gain an edge in the market to understand the techniques which are adopted by the big marketers to tap the market share.

Rocket Singh was also one among the many salesmen, who decided to start his own company while working for his organisation. He had the business acumen to understand that after assembling the computer, the overall cost can be reduced and hence his company was churning profits.  

These were a few movies that will draw inspiration for you to choose a career without doubting about the aspiration that you carry in your heart. It takes courage to believe in your dreams but if you dare to live your dream then you will never have a life full of regrets.

It is better not to have any regrets later than to make an attempt and wait for its fruition!

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