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7 Fun ways to learn English spelling and grammar

Gaurav Macwan

In the day and age that we live in, proper English spelling and grammar seem to have taken a backseat for students. With internet lingo and texting ruling the hearts and minds of youngsters, learning correct English spellings and the right rules of basic grammar has certainly become a tedious task for the students. But, the English language being the mainstay of all the academic and professional progress of a student, it is not something the can be taken lightly. To match up with the energy and enthusiasm of our young students, we have listed down a few fun and enjoyable ways of learning English spelling and English grammar below.

1. Maintain a language diary / spelling journal

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Learning English, especially English spellings and grammar is not a one-time thing; it is a long and difficult process that is always on, irrespective of whether you are studying or not. Therefore, the first thing you must do is to keep a language diary or a spelling journal. Maintaining a diary will help you jot down difficult words and interesting sentences that you have come across in your daily interaction or activities. So, be it while reading a newspaper or watching your favourite cartoon, if you come across a difficult word or an interesting sentence, note it down in your spelling journal / language diary. Once you are done with the activity, open your dictionary or refer online lessons to understand the word / sentence better. You can also explore different ways in which you can use the word / sentence in your daily communication or an essay you need to write for school. Although, it sounds boring right now, but once you start doing it and see how many new words and sentences you can learn, you will start loving the language diary / journal.

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2. Take help of the internet

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In the digital age that we live in, the Internet and technology have transformed the way we live. This is especially true when it comes to learning English language grammar and spellings. In fact, internet has thrown up several innovative ways in which students can learn difficult English words with complex spelling and hard to remember meaning through word association games. Similarly, it has also put the power of learning English grammar from the best in the business by bringing online classrooms into our homes through video lessons and live streaming. Using internet to the fullest can certainly be one of the best ways to learn the English language, if done the right way. However, we advise students to only rely upon credible websites like Jagranjosh.com to learn the English language.

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3. Use mobile applications

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Taking the advantage of internet technology a step further; mobile applications has certainly put the world in the palms of students. As far as learning English spelling and grammar is concerned, there are thousands of credible mobile applications that can help you. In fact, you can find multiple mobile applications like the dictionary, spell-checker, word of the day, thesaurus on app stores. If you like a much compact all-in-one applications, you can also use Jagranjosh.com’s Learn English speaking Course will help you get started in getting English spelling and grammar right. Another reason that makes mobile application to learn English spelling and grammar a big hit among the students is that they are updated regularly. Therefore, you will also find new words and innovative ways of learning English grammar on the app. If the one you found first is not up to your taste or style, you can always uninstall and find a new one that suits you from the app store.

4. Watch English Movies / TV shows

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Yes, you read that right! Watching English TV shows and movies is surely a way to improve your English drastically while having fun. Well, it may sound counter-intuitive; it is an effective method if you make an effort. For us Indians, English is a non-native or second language and therefore we need a lot of support to learn the right grammatical rules and difficult spellings. This task can be made easy by watching English TV programmes and movies if right techniques are applied. While watching an English TV show or movie, you should concentrate on the new and difficult words being used by the characters. After the show is over, you can look up these difficult words in a dictionary to learn their spelling and meaning.

Along with this, students must also focus on how these words are being used and the situations in which they are used. The contextual learning of English words will help you learn the grammatical rules that you must keep in mind while using them.

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5. Solve crossword or language puzzles

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We promised you fun ways to learn English language and what can be more fun than solving a puzzle or crossword. Crossword puzzles and language puzzles have been a proven tool when it comes to mastering the basic of English language. The best part about these crossword puzzles is that they can be tailored for any age group, be it toddlers, primary school students or undergraduates. If you have a peer group, you can design crosswords or find new and innovative language puzzles for each other. Keeping score for such puzzles will transform the entire exercise of learning English into a big game, wherein you can beat your friends for a prize or a trophy.

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6. Avoid reading bad English

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In today’s internet savvy world, communication has been limited to texting shorthand abbreviations like ‘LOLs and BRBs’. This makes finding good quality English to read and include it in our daily communication is a task. But, students must remember that reading is pivotal when it comes to learning and the English language is no exception to this rule. Thus, it is important for students to read good English which is not only perfect in terms of grammar and spellings but also in terms of quality and tone of the writing. While it is not practical to completely eradicate internet lingo from our lives, students must make a concentrated effort to avoid reading bad English while including quality novels and classic English literature in their reading list.

7. Avoid spell-check programmes

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In today’s digital age, we have a lot of help to correct our language and grammar in the form of spell-check programmes and grammar checking websites. While using technology to correct spelling and grammatical mistakes seem to be the most viable option, it also creates a dependency for students that have an adverse effect on learning. Put simply, it means that frequent use of spell-check programmes will kill the motive to learn correct spellings and grammar. Therefore, students – especially those who are at school level need to avoid spell-check websites / software and learn spellings and grammar on their own.

These are just a few fun ways in which you can learn new English spellings and correct English grammar while doing your daily activities. Following even one of two methods listed above will prove to be monumentally beneficial to you in your quest to master English grammar and learn new spellings and words.

If you know any other fun ways to learn English, please feel free to share it with us through the comments below.

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