8 Tips to turn your Internship into a Full-Time Job

College Internship is the perfect opportunity for students to learn the tricks of the trade in any domain they plan on building their career. On the flipside, companies are also looking for interns who have the talent and potential to turn into fruitful employees; the ones who can contribute to the overall success of the organization.

So, if you want your internship to fructify into a full-time job opportunity, these 7 tips will help you stand apart from the crowd and emerge as a ‘Super Intern’ with real talent and potential.

1. Be Professional

The first quality that any company would look for in their future employee would professionalism. Avoid getting involved in office politics and gossip sessions of the employees to make a positive and professional image both inside and outside the office. However, professionalism goes beyond just avoiding the chit chat and also includes not using office time for personal phone calls and emails. Focus only on work when you are in office and respect the space and opportunity you have been provided because in all likelihood, many people must have been pitching for the same position as yours. 

2. Be Curious

Everyone around you has rich experience in their field of work so ask them as many questions as you want, keeping them relevant. People who ask questions are considered to be more eager to learn than others. Use this perception to your benefit and impress seniors by being receptive and attentive. Make sure whatever is being taught goes straight to your head. Don't expect to be spoon-fed by anyone!

3. Be Goal Oriented

Be clear about things that you want achieve from this internship and discuss them with your mentor to get a better understand of what the company expects from you. An important part of achieving any goal is to be open to criticism. This shows your mentors that you actually want to improve and thus increases your chances of getting hired by them for a full time role. Ask yourself specific questions before you take up the internship, like: Is there a specific skill you want to gain?, What impression are you trying to make? and how are you going to extend the impact of this experience?,

4. Be Open to Criticism

As mentioned above, constructive criticism can be used for improving oneself if taken in a good spirit. Understand that your mentors want you to do excellent and the inputs they are giving might sound harsh but are for your own good. This criticism will help you avoid the same mistake in the future and hence enhance your performance.

5. Show Your Enthusiasm

Take initiative of taking up new projects as this will show that you are not just interested in the certificate and actually want to gain something substantial out of the experience. Attach significance to professional meetings and act like any other full-time employee to make a positive impact on both your co-workers and supervisors.

6. Showcase your Skills and Confidence

It is easy to get intimidated by the amount of knowledge people around you have in a setting like this. Rely on your skills and have belief in your talents because in most cases, they are enough to take you far in any kind of job. Interest in learning is another important trait because employees are hired based more on their interest and less on their skills because can be developed but curiosity is an inherent quality.

7. Focus on learning and not stipend

While a little money does not hurt anyone, your main focus should be on learning and getting as much knowledge as you can. Many reputed firms do not pay any stipend at all. But that does not mean you will not join them as an intern because ultimately it's the experience which counts the most. During the internship, you will gain on-the-job experience, get a chance to networks and great deal of self-confidence that you can handle pressure situations. You might not realize this now but the advantages of this learning expedition go far beyond the pay cheque and you will eventually understand it's worth. Also, this learning experience will open many doors of opportunities for you to earn money.

8. Relationships and networking

Try to develop a professional and courteous relationship with everyone, ranging from colleagues to managers. Reach out and greet everyone you meet as this helps you get noticed and in turn helps you to give out a positive and friendly impression. Social media has made it considerably easy for people to expand their network and nurture the professional relationships. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to connect with your colleagues because it is totally professional. This networking will not only help you during the internship but might even be beneficial later in your career.

If you follow these steps, getting the letter for being the permanent employee should not be that difficult to get after the internship. Turn things in your favor by being highly productive and networking with your mentors because that is what internships are all about, isn't it?

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