Lesser known advice to select right career option in 2018

Want to build a career and achieve success in 2018 but don’t know how you can keep up your career growth? It’s really challenging to achieve career growth; especially in the most-competitive corporate world. Once you lose the pace of growth, you can’t easily be able to maintain it. So, you need to be careful, and attentive to what can help you to maintain the pace of career growth. Though there are many career advices, which are popularly suggested to build a great career, they often fall short. In this article, we have advised some effective ways to build an impressive career.

Don’t reject job offers at once

Opportunities are limited in number; especially in the competitive job market. You may lose a golden opportunity for growth and success if you reject job offers at once. So, never say you aren’t interested. Instead, weigh them out and accept if you think it’s a golden opportunity.

Don’t try to act as if you are too busy

It’s good to stay busy at work but not too much; especially when an employer is trying to approach you for a job offer. He/she may consider that you aren’t interested. You can’t get the opportunity once it goes out of your hands. So, be careful and don’t show the business when an employer wants to talk you about a job offer.

Don’t stick to your KRAs only

Your career growth depends not on the assigned works that you usually do but depends on some extra and unassigned works that you successfully accomplish at work. In fact, it’s the only way to show that you’re able to take new responsibilities. Moreover, it would build a positive environment, which could help you to grow in your organization.

Help people at work

Don’t be selfish. It isn’t good always to seek direct benefits everywhere; especially when one of your co-workers needs your help at work. Though it wouldn’t benefit you directly but would surely be beneficial for you in many ways. It would build your image as a helpful senior or co-worker, which could make people around you to respect and cooperate with you. Moreover, people would give positive feedback when your employer asks them about you for promotion or other performance appraisal benefits. Helping others is beneficial in many ways. So, be open to help people around you.

Stay connected with professional contacts

Don’t delete the phone numbers of your co-workers or seniors from your contact list even if they have left your current organization. They might play a major role in success; especially if there is an opportunity for your growth in their new company. Removing them from contact list could prevent you even from having a tip-off about the opportunities. So, don’t remove any of your professional contacts from your contact list. Instead, try to develop new professional relations and add more contact into the same.

Know and overcome your weaknesses

It might become a major roadblock to your growth and success if you don’t make efforts to know and overcome your mistakes timely. In addition, it would be difficult for you to fulfill the key responsibilities if you don’t overcome your weaknesses. So, you shouldn’t turn your eyes from your weaknesses and mistakes. Instead, you should bravely face and overcome them.

Be a learner at work

Career growth requires constant learning. One who doesn’t learn new things can’t achieve career growth; especially in the most competitive corporate world.  Every-day, new technologies, and standards are incorporated into the corporate world to ensure economic growth and prosperity. And, the corporate companies don’t want to lose any chance of growth and begin to give preference more to those who know the new technology and meet the new industry standards. In order to ensure growth, you need to stay updated with new skills, knowledge, and expertise. For it, you must simply be always a learner at work. So, develop a curiosity to learn new things at work. It would help you to learn things, which could be important to withstand the new challenges and problems at work.


In the competitive corporate world, everyone needs to keep himself/herself updated with new technologies, knowledge, and standards to ensure career growth. It’s really a challenging task. But by following some best career advice such as rejecting new offers, listening to the prospective employers, doing extra works, building contacts, knowing and overcoming weaknesses, and learning new things at work, you can easily keep yourself updated at work. It would help you to face and overcome new challenges and problems at work which could ensure your success and growth.


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