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Amazon Halo Fitness Band & Smartphone Application: Check Features, Price & Other Details

Mayank Uttam

Amazon has launched a fitness band and a smartphone application. The Amazon Halo Fitness Band can monitor your sleep, track activities & can even track tone of your voice. Unlike other brands in the market, Amazon Halo Fitness Band doesn't come with a display. It has a microphone but not for voice commands but to analyse the tone of your voice. It synchronises all the data to the Amazon Halo app in your smartphone (Android & iPhone) via Bluetooth. In the USA, Amazon Halo Band will cost around $99.99 (or Rs. 7,357). To use advanced features via the Halo app, one needs to pay a monthly subscription fee of $3.99 (or Rs 293.57). Currently, this service isn't a part of Amazon Prime. For now, Amazon has launched an invite-only early access program with an introductory price of $64.99, including 6 months of free service. Below we have highlighted some of the features of Amazon Halo Band & service.

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Amazon Halo Band Uses Your Phone's Camera To Capture A 3D Scan Of Your Body

With the help of your smartphone’s camera, Amazon Halo captures a 3D scan of your body. All you need to do is to pose in front of your smartphone (preferably tight clothes). It takes pictures of the front, back, and both sides and with the help of AI in Amazon’s cloud, it creates the 3D scan & calculates body fat percentage.

Amazon Halo Band Tracks Intensity & Duration Of Physical Activities:

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Unlike other brands in the market, it just doesn't count steps. Amazon Halo tracks intensity and time of activities you do and gives data about your health. The company claims that it will help the user to achieve the goal even in fewer steps. 

Amazon Halo Band Monitor Sleeps

We all know that good sleep is an important part of health and Amazon Halo monitors the quality of your sleep. Based on the data, it also provides suggestions from experts to help you sleep well

Amazon Halo Band Analyses Tone Of Your Voice:

When the voice input feature is turned on, Amazon Halo Band analyses the tone of your voice and shows how you sound to other people. Although the company promises full privacy & security, however, you can turn off this feature whenever you want.

For now Amazon Halo Band is available in the USA and there are no updates available about the launch of Amazon Halo Band in India.

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