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B.Tech IT Vs MCA, which course should you opt for

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With increasing choices and similar offerings, picking the right academic course has become an increasingly challenging task. The problem further aggravates, when you look at technical programmes that follow almost similar syllabus, teaching methodology and even offer similar job opportunities to candidates. One such combination of courses that have put several students in a dilemma is ‘B.Tech IT vs MCA’ programmes. Although the courses differ vastly in terms of subject matter, for instance B.Tech IT is an undergraduate, MCA is a post graduate; but still their syllabus and concepts covered in both are almost the same.  In order to de-code this dilemma, we need to focus on the each course individually and look at the minute differences that may clear the confusion and help students make an informed choice.

B.Tech IT

Bachelor of Information Technology or what has come to be known as B.Tech IT is a 4 year undergraduate engineering degree with specialization in information technology. Read on to find out more about the course.

What is the difference between B.E. and B.Tech?

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Master of Computer Applications is a three year post graduate degree in the field of computer science. This professional degree trains students to develop and manage information systems. Read on to find out more about the course.

Comparative Analysis

Post Graduate vs Under Graduate

Although both these degrees are evenly matched in several aspect the bottom line is that MCA is a post graduate degree and therefore academically more superior to B.Tech IT. However, the discussion doesn’t end there, as on practical note, when it comes to job opportunities and placements, both the degrees are considered to be equal by recruiters.

Time Factor & Payscales

Moreover, B.Tech being a 4 year course, gives you time advantage of getting a job much earlier compared to MCA, which ends on a 3+3 formula with BCA and MCA taking three years each. So any advantage that MCA students have in terms of securing higher package due to PG degree is neutralized by two year work experience that B.Tech offers.

Job Opportunities

B.Tech IT students are more exposed to different concepts and fields of information technology that makes them open to different job opportunities in the IT domain. On the other hand, MCA students are primarily hired for software engineering / development roles only. Another advantage that MCA students have is that, being post graduate degree holders they can be hired by colleges or professional educational institutes for the different teaching positions.

Future Aspects

B.Tech IT students have holistic understanding of entire IT domain and therefore if they complete MBA programme, they stand to gain a lot of ground and are likely to be placed at higher management positions within any IT centric organization. MCA students on the other hand are experts in their own field with a master’s degree, and therefore are likely to be made Tech head or process leads within their respective organizations.

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