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Bank PO Interview: Important Topics & Expected Questions

Mayank Uttam

Check important topics & interview questions for IBPS PO recruitment exams. As we know, a personal interview is an integral part of the complete Bank PO recruitment process, conducted by IBPS. During the bank interview, the answers of candidates decide whether he or she will qualify or not.

In this article, we will learn some critical questions which are often asked in the interview of IBPS PO. One can easily crack IBPS PO Interview after preparing the answers of these questions.

Questions asked in interviews of IBPS PO interview can be divided into 5 categories:

1. Personal questions


2. Educational Background or Career Objectives


3. Banking Awareness & Current Affairs


4. General Knowledge, Current Affairs & Hot Topics


5. Current Job Profile (for working candidates)


Let’s learn about each category in detail

1. Personal Questions

Critical questions which are often asked in this category are given below

Tell me something about yourself.

• What's Special About Your Hometown?

• What does your father do? 

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• Why don't you join your father business?

• Who is your role model and why?

• What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

• Tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills.

• Tell me about a time you worked in a team.

Tell me something about yourself? Most of the bank interviews start with this question. Questions related to Hometown, Family Business, Role Model etc are also often asked in IBPS and SBI PO. With these questions, members of the interview panel try to check your confidence level.

2. Educational Background or Career Objectives

Whether you from Science, Commerce or any other background, these questions have the highest probability of being asked in Interviews

• Why did you choose this stream?

• What you did after your graduation?

• Why do you want to join Banking Sector?

• Why you want to join the government sector, being an XYZ graduate?

• Why the government sector, why not the private sector?

• Why do you not want to pursue higher education?

3. Banking Awareness & Current Affairs

Critical topics under this category from which questions are frequently asked in interviews are given below:

• New government schemes (Example: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan etc)

• Trending Topics or Terms (Example: Cryptocurrency,  NPA, KYC, Money Laundering, Inflation, Deflation, FDI etc)

• Recent Events (Example: GST, FRDI Bill, BREXIT, Banking Scams, Recapitalization of Banks etc)

• Important Banking Terms (Example: CRR, PLR, NPAs, Repo rate, Reverse Repo Rate etc)

• Terms related to Processes having Day to Day in Banks (eg: Types of account, Types of Check, Lockers, Check vs Draft, Demat Account)

• Terms related to day to day processes in banks (Example: Types of account, Types of Check, Lockers, Check vs Draft, Demat Account)

Apart from these topics questions from the complete syllabus of Bank PO exams can be asked during the Bank PO interview.

4. General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Questions from General Knowledge and Current Affairs are also asked in Interview. Some important topics from which questions can be asked in interview are given below:

• Critical points from constitution of India

• Important events from around the world (Election in any country, Conflict between two countries etc.)

• Person in News (Example: A leader from other country visiting in our country, Sports Person etc.)

• Environmental issues (Example: Global Warming, Pollutions etc)

• Your political opinion (Example: Which government is better? Which is your favorite political party?)

Who are you going to vote in the election, who is better in the previous government and this time governments etc.)

Questions related to new government schemes are often asked in Interviews. Members of the interview panel can also ask questions about neighbouring countries. Questions on trending topics like Cryptocurrency, BREXIT etc can be asked in Interviews.

5. Questions related to your current job profile (if you are employed somewhere)

If you are employed somewhere then the following questions can be asked in the IBPS PO Interview:

• Tell me about your current job profile.

• Why do you want to quit your current job?

• Are you happy with your current job?

• How your experience is relevant to this position?

Candidates who are employed somewhere might encounter questions based on their current work profile. Members of the interview panel want to learn why you want to quit your current job to start your career as a Bank PO. Don't use terms like Job Security, Work-Life Balance etc. while answering such questions.

These are some important questions which are frequently asked in IBPS PO Interview. Candidates preparing for Bank PO Recruitment exams should do research from the internet and prepare the answers to these questions well.

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