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Benefits of doing an online internship for college students

Swati Mittal

Doing internships is no longer a choice but a necessity for college students. A large number of universities and colleges across India have made internships a part of their curriculum. With more and more employers looking for candidates with prior work experience, internships are the way out for students. They help them gain valuable professional experience and also understand the corporate work culture.

But not all internships involve you going down to the office place. You can also try out online internships, they have gained a lot momentum among college students. The process is similar to that of traditional offline internships. Even a lot of reputed companies are offering college students with the option of online internships. Here are some reasons as to why you should do online internships.

Traditional Internships v/s Online Internship

Both traditional internships and online internships have their own sets of pros and cons. Where traditional internships allow you to experience a professional work environment first hand online internships are carried out from anywhere as per your convenience. Online internships can be carried out year round where as traditional internships can be done only during long breaks. There are many other difference between traditional and online internships but each offer students with valuable professional experience to add to their resume.

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Online Internships in India

The internship scenario in India is highly inclined towards that of traditional internship options. College students in India are reluctant to of the idea of online internships. But, if considered at a global level online internships have gained a lot of popularity. A chance to work with international clients and gain global exposure is an alluring thought for many students. The probable reason as to why Indian students haven't warmed up to this new trend with the same intensity could be their doubts regarding the market value of the experience gained from such projects. But, they need to understand that online internships are not beneficial for all kinds of courses. Graphic designing, software programming, web developers, writing and other such courses are the ones where the option of online internships can offer valuable experience and exposure. Thus, if picked for the right courses experience gained from online internships can be a valuable addition to their resume.    

Why Do Online Internships?

Work at your own pace

Online internships provide you with some degree of freedom to work at your own pace. Of course there are deadlines to meet but you can plan your work according to your convenience and priorities.

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Work with people across the world

Online internships open up avenues that traditional internships don't. When looking out for virtual or online internships you can consider options from across the world. You are not limited or confined to seek out work in your vicinity. Such opportunities offer you global exposure with a chance to interact with people from different backgrounds and enhance your professional level communication skills.

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Can be easily managed with a part-time job

A lot of college students prefer part-time jobs over internships in big organizations. Why? Simple, because internship opportunities in big companies are usually unpaid. And for students who have a tight financial budget part-time jobs are a necessity to manage their expenses. Virtual internships then come as a boon for them. They can be easily done along with a part-time job and students stand to gain a lot even from unpaid internships. For their finances are being taken care of by their part-time jobs.

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How to look for online internships?

Rest assured you don't have to put in any extra efforts for finding an online internship. How do you look for traditional internships? You go online and register on internship offering portals or websites, right? The process is entirely same for finding an online internship. Log on to the website you have registered at and chose the option of online or virtual internship in the search filters.

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