Bihar Board 12th Results: A Message from Anand Kumar of Super 30 Fame

Just like we cannot imagine the depth of the ocean by counting its waves or measure the strength of the sun by counting its rays, we can also not determine the future of someone’s dreams based only on their result in one examination. But such is life in present times that we have started determining the future of our dreams purely in terms of marks scored and that too in a single examination result.

I’m sending you this message on the eve of declaration of class 12th Bihar Board result. Millions of students and their parents will again pin their hopes on scoring top marks in the result. They will be conjuring up dreams of a future based solely on the child’s marks. However, the truth is that marks are nothing more than mere statistics. Marks can never be an accurate measure of a student’s true potential.

It is my earnest appeal to the parents to encourage their children wholeheartedly irrespective of the marks they score in the exam. Never make the mistake of evaluating your child’s worth based on his/her marks.

My dear children; have you ever thought how many marks the great mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan would have scored in his exams or how many and which all exams would have Munshi Premchand appeared for? I call upon all students to take some time to introspect and realize their true potential which will eventually determine their future. Far from the petty calculations of less and more, a new world fondly awaits you. Embrace this brave new world, face the truth, and struggle till you emerge victorious.

One still wonders why students and their parents engage in this mad race for marks? Actually, everybody believes that good marks ensure entry into a good college and that this is the only guarantee to a successful career and a good life. But this is not true. I can tell you from my experience that even after studying in a very ordinary college, one can surely climb the ladder of success.
In my life, I have seen on countless occasions how a student, while studying in an ordinary college, has scaled such dizzy heights of success that cannot even be imagined. College is certainly important but even more important is how much hard work you do, with how much dedication you work and how hungry you are to do something new.

I am very confident that when you see your result today, you will not make the same mistake of evaluating your self-worth based on your marks. Rather, you will maintain your enthusiasm and will get busy in carving out a glorious future for yourself. And if you do this, you will certainly make a mark in life.

My best wishes are always with you.

About the Expert

Anand Kumar is a Mathematician and renowned educationist known for his revolutionary initiative better known as ‘Super 30’. He started the ‘Super 30’ programme under the "Ramanujan School of Mathematics" in 2002. Through his IIT-JEE coaching programme, he mentors 30 students, every year, from economically weaker sections and helps them crack the JEE Exam for Engineering to get selected in various IITs across the country. His unique teaching pedagogy and result oriented approach towards learning has won him several laurels and accolades globally.

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