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Break the Glass Ceiling: These tips may help women professionals to win a promotion

Balwant Tripathi

Like other fields, women professionals are making the grade by touching the horizons of the success in the professional world. Despite the fact, the major chunk of the women workforce doesn’t get the success they deserve due to the mistakes they keep committing, unknowingly and of course unintentionally.

To know what follies woman professionals badly affects their chances of their promotion and howcould they easily get promotion, keep the reading continue as here we have provided a good list of super tips that would surely help you to get promotion. 

Positive attitude

In an office, you need to keep your performance unaffected from highly pressure environment of the office, and people playing politics to obstruct you success, following the standard code of conduct of the profession. As a professional, everybody wants to attain success, so competition is an obvious phenomenon that would often have to come across. To get the promotion early, try bear positive attitude and never deny doing the work especially you’re assigned by your reporting boss, seniors, and superiors.   

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Show your Worth

Whether the assignment you have accomplished was solo or in group that doesn’t matter. What matters for your professional growth is only your contribution to the assignment. Making the notes of what difficulties you faced, completing the assignment and how you overcame it is therefore help you to grab the promotion. So, to get promotion, create a report, including the note of every challenge and your move to solve it.

Be Sociable

As an individual, everyone needs to be social as this enables you to improve your relations and stay in the good book of the others. Same applies to professional world where the employers, superiors, and seniors continuously observe your behaviour with your co-workers, superiors, seniors and other. This enables them to form an opinion about you which plays crucial role for your professional. So, be social, humble, and polite in your behaviour with others.   

Dress properly

In the professional world, having good dressing sense gives confidence to the working professional as well as the opportunities to show it. This applies simply to every professional, either it is women professionals or it is male professionals. So, it is not necessary to wear fashionable, latest, and costly cloths but wearing the clean, fit, and decent cloths is. This reflects your personality the promotion of any working professional is always depends on.

Put extra efforts

The company, organisation, or institute is already compensating for what you do as your routine work or as key responsibilities of post you are occupying. Then, what you need to do get promotion is the extra effort that would highlight you initiatives, devotion, dedication for work and the organisation you work in. So, start asking for more or even better responsibilities, start taking initiatives and try to give good outcome.

Take onus of your mistakes

Nobody is perfect. Everyone commits mistakes and get a lesson from the same. It’s not a sin. So, if you ever make mistake, never try to cover it up with excuses. You can’t hide your mistakes, especially when you’re working in a office which is packed with the scores of the professionals. Handle the situation bravely and accept your wrongdoing as the way you handle the questions asking about your wronging speaks far more of your own character than the wrongdoing itself.

Get ready to take risk

Sometimes, you are exposed to the tasks, assignments, and projects which may risk your job and career prospect. It is inevitable for you face it either in doing the task or in losing the golden chances. Begin thinking on what could be the best option for you and come up a witty decision. If you think that this could give an unprecedented hike in your career, then don’t let it go.


In the professional world, the success story of many women working professional inspires even the male working professionals. Despite the fact, the score of the working women have to work at low salaries. The worst part of their professional growth is that they couldn’t get a single promotion they deserve. The reason of their professional undergrowth is many but we have collected some of the major reason and provided you in this snippet.

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