Career in Media & Entertainment: Scope & Opportunities

Career Coach Niluufer Jain explores the world of media and entertainment as a career option. Career in Media & Entertainment industry is an exciting one. It offers multiple career option that include radio, television, anchoring, advertising, audio engineering, script writing and many more. So, let’s find out if career in media and entertainment industry is a right choice for you or not!

The field of Media and Entertainment offers an exciting career with incredible opportunities. There are multiple career options in the field such as anchoring, advertising, audio engineering, broadcasting engineering, radio jockeying, disc jockeying, video editing, print, graphics and website designing, event planning etc. A career in some of these areas might even constantly keep you on your toes. Depending upon your career choice and interests you can choose a profession of your choice from the wide range of professions available in the field.

Now that you know that you want to make a career in the field of media and entertainment the next question arises, 'how do you make one?' Well, the answer to that is simple, pursuing a course in that particular field or a related one. When it comes to courses related to media and entertainment there are multiple options. You can pursue a diploma, degree or even certificate course in different areas of specialisation such as that of online journalism, advertising and public relations etc. At the degree level courses, you can pursue degrees such as Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)  in Journalism, Mass Communication, Media and Cultural Studies etc. For further studies, students can opt for masters or doctoral courses in their field of specialisation.

Having talked about the different courses that are offered in the field of media and entertainment, the question arises, 'how does one enrol in these programs?' So, to enrol in the bachelor's level programs you need to have a minimum of 55% marks in your class 12th examination. Apart from this, candidates might even have to appear for entrance exams conducted by different universities/colleges such as the Andhra University, IP University, IP College of Women and many others. Likewise for entering into a master's program in the field, you need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria of marks specified by the university/college and qualify the entrance exam accepted by the institution.

So, if you think that you are someone who has a creative bend of mind or exhibit some kind of creative talent like, if you love to draw, or make use of computers to exhibit your talent or communicate and talk about Media, entertainment or animation then a career in this industry might be the right fit for you.

About the Expert:

Ms Niluufer Jain is a Career Coach, Master Trainer and the founder of The Happy Career Project – India's first and only career consulting firm which helps young professionals craft a successful career strategy for the future. Her work includes career advisory; career development training, mentoring, and coaching through which she has helped hundreds of students and professionals find the right career trajectory that has led them to a happy and fulfilling career.

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