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CAT 2020 Exam: Common queries & FAQs for the Applicants

Nidhi Gupta

Cracking CAT 2020 is the ultimate prize for MBA aspirants in India. This year, the mother of all MBA entrance exams is being organized by IIMs on rolling basis. Last year IIM calcutta organised the CAT exam on November 29, 2020. With the official release of CAT 2020 Notification exam aspirants are finding it hard to get answers to numerous doubts and queries. So, here we bring for you a series of CAT FAQs which is aimed at giving answers to all your queries that will help you in registering smoothly for the exam and prepare well for it. Take a look at the CAT FAQs and a find solution to your queries:

FAQs about CAT 2020

What is the Common Admission Test (CAT)?

Common Admission Test, which is popularly known as CAT 2020 is an annual MBA entrance examination for candidates seeking admission to MBA and PGP programmes in management colleges in India. The test is conducted by premier B-schools of India i.e., IIMs and tests data interpretation skills, qualitative skills, logical reasoning and verbal aptitude of candidates. This year IIM Indore is conducting CAT exam and  ‎Professor Harshal Lowalekar has been appointed as the convener of the exam.

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Why CAT 2020?

As stated above, CAT 2020 is one of the most prestigious MBA entrance examinations of the country. The CAT score/CAT Rank of the candidate is used by B-schools in India to shortlist candidates for admission to their flagship PGP programmes. In addition to IIMs, other popular B-schools of India like MDI, NITIE, IMT, FMS, SP Jain, JBIMS and others also consider CAT score for admitting students. Another significant factor that makes CAT 2020 important is due to its complex format, it also helps aspirants to prepare for other MBA entrance exams like XAT, SNAP, MAT and NMAT.

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When is CAT 2020 Exam held?

Generally, CAT is held in November every year. This year, the test is schedule to take place on 29th November. Other important dates related to CAT 2020 are listed below:



Release of Official Notification

29th July 2020

Start on Online Registration

05th August 2020

Last Date / Application Deadline

18th September 2020

Issue of Admit Card

28th October 2020

CAT 2020 Exam Date

29th November 2020

CAT 2020 Result Date

To be Notified


  FAQs for CAT 2020 Eligibility

Who is eligible to take the exam?

All candidates who fulfil the qualifying criteria mentioned below are eligible to apply for CAT 2020:

In addition to this, applying candidates must also have Email ID and a phone number to complete the registration process for CAT 2020.

I am not pursuing or completed my Bachelor’s degree or any Professional degree like CA/CS/ICWA etc., Am I eligible to appear for CAT 2020?

Any candidate who has not completed a Bachelor’s degree or any professional degree like CA/CS/ICWA etc is not eligible to apply for CAT 2020.

Can I appear for CAT for practice purpose though I am aware that I am not eligible?

Candidates cannot appear for CAT 2020 for practice purpose, if they do not meet the eligibility criteria. Also, appearance in CAT for practice purpose would be counted as an attempt, which doesn’t work in your favour.

Is there any age restriction for taking the CAT exam?

No, there is no age restriction to take CAT 2020.

I have not completed my graduation course but I am in the final year of a professional course, am I eligible for CAT 2020?

No, only candidates who are in final year of their Bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for CAT 2020. Candidates in the final year of their professional degree are not allowed to apply for CAT 2020. Moreover, any candidate applying for CAT 2020 also has to qualify the minimum percentage criteria for CAT 2020.

I am a General category candidate and got 49% in the Bachelor’s degree. I have also completed Master’s degree with 51%, am I eligible to apply for CAT 2020?

No. As per the CAT 2020 notification, candidates need minimum 50% marks in their Bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible to apply for CAT 2020.

I am a PWD category candidate with 44% in the Bachelor’s degree and 46% in the Master’s degree, am I eligible to apply for CAT 2020?

No. As per the CAT 2020 notification, candidate need minimum 45% marks in their Bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible to apply for CAT 2020.

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in May-June 2020 but have a backlog, am I eligible to apply for CAT 2020?

Yes. Candidates who are expected to complete their Bachelor’s degree in 2020 are eligible to apply for CAT 2020. However, they have to select ‘Yes’ in their application form to the question “Are you in the final year of Bachelor Degree”.

  FAQs for CAT 2020 Registration Process

When and how do I register for CAT 2020?

As stated in the table above, the CAT registration process will be floated from 5th August 2020 and is expected to end on 18th September 2020. The CAT 2020 application process is completely online and needs to be completed on the official portal You can also find valuable help resources and video tutorials to help you along the way to complete your application process there.

CAT 2020 Registration begins; Know how to apply @

Can I use my coaching institute’s or a friend’s email address when registering for CAT?

No. All candidates have to provide their own personal and unique email address for CAT 2020 registration process. All communication with regards to CAT 2020 and other information will be shared with the candidates through their Email ID. Therefore, it is advised that candidates use their own personal Email ID to register for CAT 2020.

I have made a mistake(s) while registering/entering the details in my CAT 2020 application. What should I do now?

CAT 2020 registration process doesn’t allow changes in certain fields like Name, Date of Birth, email id, mobile number etc, at any stage of the registration process. In case you have made a mistake in these details, you are expected to register again for CAT 2020 using a new email ID. Your earlier registration will be cancelled and admit card will be issued only on the basis of the new registration information provided by you. However, in case you fail to re-register for CAT 2020 after cancelling the earlier registration, it may lead to the nullification of your candidature.

CAT 2020 allows changes in certain other fields like Communication Address, gender, category, educational information, work experience, or exam city preferences etc. However, these fields are open to changes only until the submission of the Application Form. You can edit these details by clicking on Existing User Login option on CAT website.

After the submission of the CAT 2020 application, candidates are provided limited time window to edit certain fields like Percentage of Marks scored, Work Experience, Programmes Selected etc. However, any personal details or academic details apart from percentage or marks scored will not be open to changes.

To avoid any mistakes during the registration process, candidates are advised to preview their application form and ensure all entries are correct, before submitting the final form. 

How to change details in CAT 2020 Application?
There are three ways in which you can change / edit the information that you have submitted in your CAT Exam application.
1. Change Prior to the Payment of Fees:
     a. Details you can change: Academic Details, Exam Centres, Courses Selected
     b. Details you can’t change: Name, State, Date of Birth, Email ID, Phone Number
2.    Re-register for CAT Exam: For this you will need a fresh email id and phone number and would also have to repay the requisite exam fees
3.    During CAT Application Correction Window: Generally, CAT Application Correction Window is announced 10 days after the last day of registration. The window stays open for three days during which candidates can change the following details
      a. Percentage of Marks entered in the application form
      b. Work experience listed in the application form
      c. Course details entered in the form
      d. Test centres

In case the website does not work and I am unable to complete my application, what should I do?

Generally, you would not face any such problem. However, in case you encounter any technical glitch while accessing the CAT website, please close the browser (delete browsing history, cache & cookies of the web browser) and try again. In case the problem persists, you can call CAT Helpdesk at +91-731-2439410 or email them at

Candidates must also ensure that they are using web browsers compatible with CAT 2020 registration website as listed below:


Supported Versions

Google Chrome

20 to 51

Internet Explorer

7 to 11

Mozilla Firefox

14 to 47

CAT 2020 online application form is best viewed on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

  FAQs for CAT 2020 Exam Dates & Exam Time Slots

When will CAT 2020 be held and can I choose an exam date?

As mentioned in the schedule given above, the CAT 2020 exam would be held on November 29, Sunday in two sessions (forenoon and afternoon). As per the preference of test city given by you in the application form, you will be provided session slot, test city, and test centre, subject to availability.

From where can I get the list of exam centres?

The list of CAT 2020 exam centres is available on the official website The exam will be held in 156 exam centres across the country.

What are the time slots for CAT 2020 exam?

As per the official notification, CAT 2020 will be held in two sessions or time slots. Candidates will be allotted a single session time slot depending on the availability of test centre and city of preference.

Can I appear for more than one slot for CAT 2020?

No, you cannot appear for more than one slot for CAT 2020. If any candidate attempts to appear for CAT 2020 in two different time slots, it would be considered as a fraudulent activity. In order to avoid any cheating on this front, CAT 2020 candidates will be subject to verification of Admit Cards, photo IDs, candidate pictures, and biometric information.

Where can I select my preference of shift and test date?

The exam shift (forenoon or afternoon) is allocated for each registered candidate based on the city preference made at the time of application. A candidate cannot select the shift.

What are the timings to contact the Candidate Helpdesk?

CAT 2020 help desk is available to candidates through the phone from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The CAT Candidate Helpdesk is closed on Sunday and on National/Public holidays.

  FAQs for CAT 2020 Category Selection

Under which categories can I apply for CAT?

Candidates can apply for CAT 2020 under the following categories

P.S: All candidates opting for OBC category will be treated as non-creamy layer OBC candidates. OBC candidates falling under creamy layer will fall under the general category.

Which documents must I submit if I belong to the SC/ST category?

Candidates applying under SC/ST category need to belong to caste/tribe that is listed in the Government of India schedule. All candidates applying under SC/ST category will need to upload caste/tribe certificate during the application process in the government prescribed format. A copy of the government prescribed format for SC/ST certificate is also available on CAT website.

The SC/ST certificate uploaded on the website should clearly indicate the following:

Do I belong to the NC-OBC category?

To know if you belong to the NC-OBC category, please visit and refer to the updated list of state-wise OBCs eligible.

I have an SC/ST certificate in the format uploaded on the CAT 2020 website. Can I use the same certificate or do I have to download the certificate template from the CAT website and fill it again?

If your certificate fulfils the following conditions, you can upload the same certificate:

Is there a validity for NC-OBC Certificate?

Refer the Government of India website for details.

Which authority issues the NC-OBC certificate?

Refer the Government of India website for details.

  FAQs for Entering Marks in Application Form

I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree. Do I need to submit the overall percentage of marks or as per my University standards?

As per the CAT 2020 notification, all candidates are required to enter their marks or percentage in accordance with the norms followed by their university.

I have not completed my Bachelor’s Degree/I am in final year of Bachelor’s degree. What marks do I need to enter in the Application form?

As per the CAT 2020 notification, candidates who are in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree need to enter the aggregate percentage of marks from the last marks statement in the CAT 2020 application form.

I have completed my 10th/12th standard from CBSE Board. Do I need to enter the marks mentioned on the Mark list?

CAT 2020 notification suggests that candidates from CBSE Board use the conversion formula specified by CBSE for converting CGPA into percentage of marks. Candidates are required to submit the Aggregate Percentage of marks for all subjects in the CAT 2020 application form.

I have done 5 years integrated course of B.Tech and MBA. As per my university norms first 3.5 years is considered to be B.Tech and remaining 1.5 years is considered to be MBA. How do I enter my marks?

As per your University norms, you will enter the aggregate percentage of first 3.5 years under Bachelor’s Degree and the remaining 1.5 years under Master’s degree.

I have completed 5-year dual degree course (BTech+MTech, BS+MS, BTech+MSc etc.). How do I enter my marks for the bachelor degree?

As per your university norms, you must enter the aggregate of marks that are equivalent to Bachelors’ Degree under the Bachelor’s Degree section and the equivalent Marks for the Masters’ degree under the Master Degree section.

I have completed dual Bachelors’ degree courses (BCom+LLB, BPharm+BTech etc.). How do I enter my marks for two Bachelor degrees?

On the CAT application form, you must select the option indicating that you have dual Bachelors’ Degrees. You can then enter the details of both qualifications.

  FAQs for CAT 2020 Admit Card

When will I get my Admit Card?

CAT 2020 admit card will be available to candidates for view and print from the month of 28th October 2020. Admit cards will be issued only to the candidates who have successfully completed the CAT 2020 online application process.

Candidate will have to log into the CAT website using their registered User ID in order to view and print CAT 2020 admit card.

What details will be mentioned in the Admit Card?

The CAT 2020 admit card would contain the following details:

Will the Admit Card be sent to me as a hard copy or by mail?

CAT 2020 Admit card will be available only on the CAT website. Candidates will have to log into their CAT account using their User ID to download and print the admit card.

If I do not get my Admit Card, whom should I contact?

CAT 2020 Admit card will be available to the candidates to view or download on the official CAT website in the month of October 2020. Candidates have to print the CAT admit card directly from there.

If you are unable to view your CAT Admit card on the website, please contact the CAT helpdesk:

  FAQs for CAT 2020 Fee

What is the fee for the CAT exam?

The exam fees for CAT 2020 is INR 2000/-. For the general and for the NC-OCB category candidates and SC/ST/PwD category the CAT fee is INR 1000/-.

Where can I pay the CAT exam fee?

The entire CAT application process is online including the payment of fees. Candidates can pay the CAT 2020 Fee online using debit/credit cards or netbanking facility.

  FAQs for CAT 2020 Exam Format

Is CAT an online exam?

No, CAT 2020 is not an online exam; it is a computer-based test (CBT). In simple words, the CAT 2020 question paper will not be internet connectivity.

Like all other CBT exams, CAT 2020 will require candidates to read questions on the computer screen and answer them by clicking on the right option displayed on the screen.

CAT 2020 Exam Pattern: Detailed Analysis

Can I take the exam from any computer?

No, candidates must take the CAT 2020 exam on the workstation assigned to them at their designated test centre.

How many sections are there in CAT 2020?

CAT 2020 exam is divided into three main sections as listed below:

Can I bring a calculator to the testing centre?

No, candidates appearing for CAT 2020 are not allowed to carry any electronic gadgets including calculators and mobile phones into the test centre. For the benefit of candidates, an onscreen calculator is available to them throughout the exam.

Are there negative marks for questions other than MCQs?

No, non-MCQs do not attract any negative marking

Do the non-MCQ type questions carry equal marks as MCQs?

Yes, all questions in CAT 2020 exam will carry equal marks. However, non-MCQs require candidates to input their answers using the keyboard.

Is there a specific order for answering sections? Can I attempt sections the way I want?

All questions in CAT 2020 test need to be answered in the pre-specified format.

Does CAT 2020 have a syllabus for exam preparation?

There is no prescribed syllabus for CAT 2020, but you can refer to our MBA section to find out more about the type and style of questions that are likely to be asked in CAT 2020.

What is the marking/grading scheme for CAT? Is there negative marking for a wrong answer?

CAT 2020 will contain both MCQs and non-MCQs.

Stay tuned to MBA Section of for more updates on CAT 2020 Exam!

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