CAT 2019: Exam Day Dos and Don’ts

CAT 2019 is just days away, it’s time for CAT aspirants to know all the do’s and don’ts of the CAT 2019 exam day. IIM Calcutta, the B-school organizing CAT exam has issued a detailed list of Do’s and Don’t’s for CAT aspirants. These guidelines will help test-takers understand the different processes involved in the examination in detail. So, let’s check out the CAT 2019 Exam Day dos and don’ts.

CAT 2019 : Exam Day - Dos

CAT 2019 Admit Card

CAT 2019 Admit Card is a mandatory document for the test-takers. Therefore, make sure that you take a print of the admit card on A4-size Paper, preferably using a Laser Printer. Only those CAT Admit Cards will be deemed to be valid only if it carries legibly printedphotograph and signature of the candidate.

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Logistical Arrangements

CAT 2019 exam will be held in two slots i.e. forenoon Session – 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and afternoon Session – 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm. You must make all the necessary arrangements for travel, food and accommodation(if test centre is away from their residence) and other expenses in advance. Candidates with medical condition should also carry the necessary medication and prescription for the same.

Photo Identity Proof

Along with their CAT 2019 admit card, you also have to carry an original and valid Photo Identity Proof. The supporting ID Proof will be used to cross verify the your personal details provided on the admit card.

Google Maps Link

To help candidates locate their respective CAT 2019 test centre, IIM Calcutta has embedded a Google map link on the electronic version of the admit card. You should use the link to identify the location of the CAT 2019 test centre and also figure out the mode of transport you would be using to commute to the centre. CAT organizers have also advised candidates to commute to the test-centre at least once before the exam to know the travel time required to reach the centre.

Photograph on the CAT 2019 Admit Card

CAT 2019 Admit Card will have a dedicated space provided where you will have to affix your recent passport size photograph. You should use the same photograph which was uploaded during the application process. Test-takers carrying CAT 2019 admit cards without a photograph affixed will not be allowed to take the exam.

CAT Exam Reporting Time

CAT 2019 exam will be held in two sessions and the reporting time for the respective sessions is as follows:


Time Slot

Reporting Time

Last Entry Allowed

Forenoon Session

9 AM to 12 PM

7:30 AM

8:45 AM

Afternoon Session

2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

1:00 PM

2:15 PM

Make sure that you reach the test centre as per the reporting time.

Personal Belongings

Candidates are advised not to carry any extra persona belongings to the test centre. You will have to submit all your personal belongings including mobile phones, bags, wallets, jackets and jewellery, watch, electronic gadgets, stationary items and others at the entrance gate of the test centre.

Exam Day Activities / Work Flow

After reaching the test centre, you will have to undergo the following processes after reaching the test centre:

Security Check / Frisking & Document Verification

You will have to undergo a thorough security check and frisking before being allowed in the test-centre / the test lab. Therefore, avoid wearing heavy jackets and cooperate in the security check. In addition to this, the test centre staff will also perform a spot document verification in which your CAT exam admit card and Photo Identity Proof will be verified.

Locate the Exam Laboratory

The CAT 2019 exam will be held in the computer based format in the assigned examination laboratory at the test centre. The test centre will display the Exam Lab numbers on the notice board; locate the lab using the reference number provided on the CAT Admit Card.

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Only Mouse – No Keyboard

The computer terminal assigned for your CAT 2019 test will only have one input device i.e. a Mouse. Candidates will have to pick the correct answer option/s using the mouse. For non-MCQ questions, the answers will have to be typed in using the Mouse and the on-screen Keyboard.

Stationary Items

For CAT 2019, you will not be allowed to carry any stationary items to the test lab. Instead you will be provided a Writing Pad and a Pen for rough calculation at the test centre. All the stationary items provided to you by the invigilator have to be returned back to them at the end of the exam.

Attendance Record

During the CAT 2019 exam, make sure that you mark your attendance in the form along with your signature.

Hand over your Admit Card to the Invigilator

At the end of the exam, you will have to hand over your CAT Admit Card to the invigilator in the exam lab. Ensure that you only submit a duly signed admit card.

CAT 2019: Exam Day - Don’ts

Multiple Attempts Not Allowed

Candidates are only allowed to attempt / appear for the CAT 2019 exam once i.e. in either morning slot or the afternoon slot. If a candidate is found to be attempting / appearing for the CAT exam multiple times or in both the slots, their candidature will be cancelled.

Entry Deadlines

Candidates will be allowed entry into the test centre as per the last entry allowed time listed below.


Time Slot

Reporting Time

Last Entry Allowed

Forenoon Session

9 AM to 12 PM

7:30 AM

8:45 AM

Afternoon Session

2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

1:00 PM

2:15 PM

Candidates appearing for CAT 2019 exam in the Forenoon / Morning slot will not be allowed to enter the exam centre post 8:45 am. Similarly, for the afternoon slot, entry will be closed for candidates after 2:15 pm.

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Keyboard Usage Not Allowed

Candidates are not allowed to use the keyboards attached to their computer terminals during the exam. The answers for both MCQs and non-MCQs have to be selected / typed in using the Mouse. Using keyboard during the CAT 2019 will lock the test terminal.

No Bio-Breaks Allowed

Candidates will not be allowed any bio-break during the three hour exam period. Candidates with medical conditions and necessary documents supporting it will be allowed bio-breaks as per the exam policy.

Only Candidates Allowed in the Test Centre

CAT 2019 organizers have advised candidates to travel to the test centre alone. Friends and family members of the test-takers will not be allowed to accompany the candidates beyond the test centre.

Change of Test Lab or Console not allowed

Candidates will not be allowed to change the test lab or the computer terminal / console assigned to them for the test. In case of any problem with the console, you can consult the invigilator for help.

Do not tear pages from the Writing Pad

Exam invigilators will issue writing pads and pens to all the candidates in the exam lab. However, you have to return the writing pad with all the pages intact. Candidates are not allowed to carry any page outside the exam lab. 

Keep the above-mentioned Do’s and Don’ts in mind and follow them on the exam day to avoid any confusion and problems. For more such interesting and useful updates about CAT 2019, please visit

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