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CAT 2020 Exam Day: Things to Keep in Mind

Swati Mittal

CAT 2020 Exam Day Tips - It is absolutely normal for any candidate appearing for an entrance exam to feel anxious or nervous a few days before the exam. But their anxiety and stress level are at the maximum level on the day of the exam. These heightened stress levels often lead to a drop in the candidate's confidence which in turn affects their performance during the examination. Being relaxed and confident of your preparation on the exam day is as important as the effort that you put in your preparation for the entrance exam.

The Common Admission Test or CAT is one of the most popular and toughest of the MBA entrance exams. Thus, to help ease of some of the last minute stress and anxiety experienced by the CAT aspirants we have compiled a list of some of the last minute tips for the candidates appearing in the CAT examination. Let's have a look at them:

Carry Your COVID19 Kit Along  

This year the CAT exam will be conducted amid the COVID19 pendamic. Therefore it is the responsibility of the candidates to act as per the guidelines issued by IIM Indore. Aspirants are required to carry their personal face masks, hand gloves, 2 pens, and a personal water bottle. These are essential amenities without which entry to the test center is prohibited. Candidates are also advised to follow the social distancing norms at the CAT test centers to avoid physical contact.

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Make sure all your documents are in place

The first and the foremost thing that you must keep in your mind on the day of the CAT examination is that you have all your necessary documents in place. The first document that you'll need is your admit card. You must have a printed copy of your admit card to present at the examination centre. Also, do not forget to attach your recent passport sized photograph in the space allotted on your admit card. The next document you'll need is a photo id proof. Your admit card and a photo id proof, these two are the only documents that you'll need on the CAT examination day make sure you carry them along with you. Candidates will not be allowed entry in case they fail to produce either of the two documents.   

Reach the examination centre on time

Make sure that you reach your allotted CAT examination centre well in time so as to avoid any last minute hassles. If possible locate your exam centre a day before. You'll need to present your admit card and id proof at the entry point which may take some time so it's better if you reach the centre about half an hour before the allotted time.

Also, there are certain other things that candidates must keep in mind once they enter the test centre.

Tutorial before the test

There is no word from IIM Calcutta that whether the 15 minutes tutorial before the start of the exam will be there in the CAT 2018 or not. And although the tutorial was not present in the CAT 2017 exam it was there in the exams before that. So, in case there is no tutorial in the CAT 2018 candidates must be prepared as on how to proceed during the exam with sectional time constraints.

Do not use the keyboard during the exam

The candidates were strictly instructed to not use the keyboard and mark all the answers using the mouse during the CAT exam. If the candidates were to make use of the keyboard their terminals would immediately have locked. There is no information from the IIM Calcutta as of now if there will be similar rules in place for the CAT 2020 or not.

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