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CBSE 12th History Board Exam 2021: Important Maps Expected in Paper

Sakshi Saroha

CBSE has divided the Class 12th Board Exam History syllabus into three parts. It is important that you pay attention to the Maps included in the syllabus as one question is asked in the board exam based on the latest updated syllabus. We have created a list of all the important maps from the History syllabus here:

Note: Some topics/chapters have been deleted from the CBSE Class 12th History syllabus, students can leave questions based on deleted topics.

NCERT 12th - Themes in History (Part 1): Important Maps

Map 1 Mature Harappan sites:


Map 2 Mahajanapada and cities:


Map 3 Distribution of Ashokan inscriptions:

CBSE Class 12 History Syllabus 2019-20


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Map 4 Important kingdoms and towns:


Map 5 Major  Buddhist  Sites:

NCERT 12th - Themes in History (Part 2): Important Maps

Map 6 Bidar,  Golconda,   Bijapur,  Vijayanagar,   Chandragiri,   Kanchipuram, Mysore, Thanjavur, Kolar

Map 7 Territories under Babur, Akbar and Aurangzeb:


NCERT 12th - Themes in History (Part 3): Important Maps

Map 8 Territories/cities under British Control in1857:


Map 9 Main centres of the Revolt of 1857:


Download CBSE Class 12 History Syllabus 2019-20 in PDF format


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