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CBSE 12th Physical Education Exam 2019: Important Questions & Resources

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CBSE 12th Physical Education Board Exam 2019 is scheduled to be held on tomorrow (i.e. 30th March 2019) from 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM. Check important questions expected to be asked in CBSE Physical Education Paper 2019. As you will go through the important questions, you will also get some links of important articles which might be useful for the last minute preparation of CBSE 12th Physical Education Board Exam 2019.   

Important questions for Class 12th Physical Education Board Exam 2019 (1 Marks):

Question: Explain the Jung's classification of personality.

Question: Define Endurance.

Question: What is seeding?

CBSE 12th Physical Education Exam 2019: Tips & Important Resources for Last Minute Preparation - Check now!

Question: What is food intolerance?

Question: Define Asana.

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Question: What is sarcolemma?

Question: Mention any one cause of ODD.

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Question: Briefly mention two advantages of Weight Training.

Question: What is menstrual dysfunction?

Question: Mention the two advantages of Harvard step test.

Question: Explain the benefits of Pavanmuktasana

Question: Enlist the classification of sports injuries.

CBSE Syllabus 2019: Class 12 Physical Education - Check here

Question: Define Projectile.

Question: Differentiate between gross and fine motor skills

Question: What do you understand by Diabetes?

Important questions for Class 12th Physical Education Board Exam 2019 (3 Marks):

Question: Describe the advantages of league tournaments. 3

Question: Explain the meaning of external motivation.

Question: How composition of muscle fibers effect speed ?

Question: Mention the sources of carbohydrates.

Question: Elaborate the effects of exercise on size of the heart.

Question: Explain cognitive disability.

Question: How dislocation can be managed?

Question: Describe Fartlek training method.

Question: Define Trajectory.

Question: Explain any six changes due to ageing.

Question: Olympic Games draw attention of the world towards the importance of physical education. It develops health and better citizens. The development of loyalty, brotherhood and team spirit takes place through participation in games. The various diversities due to different castes, racial differences, languages, cultures, the difference between countries widens the outlook of sports person.

(a) What values do the Olympic Games teaches the sports persons?

(b) According to you how Olympics is helping to create global unity?

(c) What Olympic games develops?

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Sample Paper: 2019

Important questions for Class 12th Physical Education Board Exam 2019 (5 Marks):

Question: Explain the types of coordinative abilities.

Question: Draw a fixture of twenty six teams participating in the knockout tournament.

Question: Explain the Barrow motor ability test.

Question: Explain the methods to prevent asthma.

Question: Explain the factors affecting motor development.

Question: Explain the coping strategies.

Question: Define friction in sports.

Question: Explain in detail on female athletes 'triad.

Question:  Explain the physiological factors determining Strength and Speed.

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