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CBSE Board Exam 2021: Check Case Study Based Questions For Class 12 Physical Education (Published By CBSE) - Unit 1

Mayank Uttam

CBSE 2021: Check case study based questions & answers for class 12 Physical Education board exam 2021. Links to access the latest updates about the CBSE board exam 2021 are also available here. Talking about case study based questions, the board has recently published a subject-wise question bank for several subjects of 10th & 12th. To help students, here we have provided some questions, you can get all questions from the PDF published by the board. The download link is given at the end of this article. 

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Case Study Based Questions For Class 12 Physical Education:

Question. With the aim of promoting physical fitness and healthy lifestyle amongst students the The Physical education Teacher at XYZ School plans to organize intramural competitions at school. For conducting the event he has given this assignment to the students of class XII who have taken up Physical Education subject so that they can get first had experience of organizing events. On the basis of given information answer the following questions:

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A. The work of committees is divided into_________________

(a) Pre, during and post

(b) Pre and post

(c) Pre and during

(d) During and Post 


(a) Pre, during and post

B. Match the following

(a) Technical committee (i) To provide shifting facility

(b) Finance committee   (ii) To resolve dispute

(c) Transport committee (iii) To deals with money and expenditure

(d) First aid committee (iv) To provide medical facility

(a) a–ii, b–iii, c–i, d–iv

(b) a–iii, b–ii, c–i, d–iv

(c) a–ii, b–iii, c–iv, d–i

(d) a–iv, b–iii, c–i, d–ii


(a) a–ii, b–iii, c–i, d–iv

C. Which is not the objective of Sports Tournament?

(a) To Provide Recreation

(b) To help in overall development

(c) To achieve high performance

(d) To provide opportunity. 


(c) To achieve high performance

Question: Below given is the Tournament fixture procedure of a CBSE Football National competition

On the basis of the above data, answer the following questions:

A. What is the number of Non-Seeded Teams in the Tournament?

(a) 04

(b) 09

(c) 12

(d) 07 


(b) 09

B. The provision which places good teams in separate halves or pools so that they do not play with

other good teams at earlier Rounds is known as______________

(a) Bye

(b) League tournament

(c) Seeding method

(d) Knock out tournament


(c) Seeding method

C. Which of the following is not a Seeded Team?

(a) Team 10

(b) Team 08

(c) Team 13

(d) Team 07 


(a) Team 10 

Question: As Mr. Kiren Rijuju, Sports Minister has ordered to popularize the game of

Kabaddi among school students to develop their physical ability, Mr. Gopi,

Physical Education Teacher of a reputed CBSE school has decided to conduct an

Inter School Kabaddi tournament in his school premises after proper drawing of

fixtures. He consulted the Management and the Principal to conduct the

Tournament of Pro Kabaddi pattern but the PE teacher was not aware of pro

Kabaddi Tournament. So he discussed with the National Kabaddi Referee


A. Which of the following is the best method to organize this kind of tournament?

(a) Knock out 

(b) League 

(c) Ladder 

(d) Pyramid



B. The Knock out tournament is also known as

(a) Combination tournament 

(b) Elimination tournament

(c) League tournament 

(d) League cum knockout tournament



C. If 17 teams are participating in this tournament, how many teams will get bye?

(a) 15 

(b) 1 

(c) 13 

(d) 9 



For more similar & important questions for Class 12 Physics Education board exam 2021, download PDF from the link given below 

Question Bank for CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Board Exam 2021

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