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CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course A Exam Pattern 2020 with Blueprint & Marking Scheme

Gurmeet Kaur

It is observed that students tend to take the Hindi subject lightly as they find it easier than other major subjects. However, Hindi is one among the most typical subjects and it may get you in trouble if not prepared carefully. We are providing here the complete details about the examination pattern for Class 10 Hindi (Course A) for which the CBSE Board Exam will be conducted tomorrow. Knowing the latest marking scheme and format of question paper will help you make your exam preparations easy, effective and organised.

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Examination 2020 will be based on the contents of the latest syllabus of Hindi A. Students should cover all the topics and sub-topics mentioned in the syllabus. They should take a special care of the weightage allotted to each topic so that they do not miss any important stuff while preparing for their board exam.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A theory exam will be of 80 marks. Question paper will have 13 questions in all. All these questions will be divided into four sections as per the following pattern:

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Section A: Reading (10 marks)

This section will have questions to test reading skills of students based on an unseen passage. There will be 6 questions asked on the basis of given paragraph with

Latest* CBSE Class English Exam 2020 Analysis, Students Reaction and Question Paper PDF

Section B: Grammar (16 marks)

This section will have 4 questions. Each question will have 4 parts carrying 1 mark each. All these one mark questions will be from Grammar portion.

Section C: Literature (34 marks)

This section is entirely based on the chapters and contents given in the textbook Kshitij Part-II and Kritika Part-II. For all those students who had studied the textbook thoroughly, it will be quite easy to score good marks in Section C.

This section will have 5 questions of short and long answer type.

Section D: Writing (20 marks)

There will be three questions in this section to test the students’ writing skills. Answers with creative and meaningful expressions will be awarded good marks.

Important Note: Students must prepare according to the format given in the latest CBSE Sample Paper of Class 10 Hindi A and not according to the one suggested in the CBSE syllabus. CBSE has already alerted students by announcing that the paper in the CBSE Board Exam 2020 will be entirely based on the format of the sample paper.

For more detail on type and nature of questions to appear in Hindi A questions paper, students may check below the latest CBSE sample paper and marking scheme released by the board for the upcoming exam:

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Sample Paper 2020 with Marking Scheme

Other than the theory exam, students should also be aware of the Internal Assessment as it will count to 20 marks towards the final 100 marks of board examination. Internal Assessment for Class 10 Hindi A will comprise of following components:

IA comprises:

Students should prepare for their Hindi Exam methodically so that they can learn all important things in a short-time and ensure that they score good marks in Hindi paper which will ultimately enhance their overall percentage in CBSE Class 10 Exam 2020.

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