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CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Exam Pattern 2020: Question paper design, evaluation scheme & important examination details

Gurmeet Kaur

After English paper, next is going to Hindi exam for the students of CBSE Class 10. Hindi is one of the major subjects in CBSE Class 10. It is also one of the easy and scoring subjects. In CBSE Class 10, students have to choose any one out of the two subject codes; Hindi A (002) and Hindi B (85). Examination pattern for both the subject codes is more of less similar but format of the question paper is different for both of them. Students can check here the examination pattern and design of Hindi B question paper for the upcoming CBSE Class 10 Hindi Exam 2020.

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Annual Examination counts for 100 marks out of which 80 marks are for theory paper and remaining 20 marks are calculated from internal assessment.

Internal Assessment is conducted on the basis of following activities:

Right now, students would be more focused towards the preparations of theory exam. CBSE Class 10 Hindi (Course B) question paper in Board Exam 2020 will have total 16 questions divided into four sections. All the questions in paper will be compulsory however internal choices will be provided in some questions.

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Section A: Reading (10 marks)

This section will have one unseen passage on the basis of which 6 questions will be asked in following format:

CBSE Class 10 Examination Pattern 2020: All Subjects

Section B: Grammar (16 marks)

There will be 5 objective type questions in this section. All these questions will be asked in different formats to test the students’ knowledge of grammar.

Section C: Literature (28 marks)

In this section, all 5 questions will be based on textbooks prescribed for Hindi B subject. With a careful reading of all the chapters given in the book, one can easily score full marks in this section.

Section D: Writing (26 marks)

There will be 5 questions in this section.

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All the five questions in Section D will be provided with internal choice so that students may answer the one which they are more confident about.

This question paper design is suggested in the latest CBSE sample paper which students may check form the following link to check more details:

CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Sample Paper 2020 with Marking Scheme

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