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CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Solved Practice Paper 2018-2019: Set-I

Gurmeet Kaur

With board  examinations fast approaching, students are becoming more conscious about their exam preparations. At this time, most of students would be looking for sample papers and question banks which can be used to test their knowledge and impart enough practise to prepare them for the Board Examination 2019.

We at jagranjosh, bring various practice papers and smaple papers for the CBSE Class 10 students to assist them at right preparations for their exams.

In this article, we are providing the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics practice paper. This practice paper has been prepared according to the latest CBSE examination pattern and includes questions picked from all the important topics explained in CBSE Class 10 Mathematics course book.

Some significant features of CBSE Class 10 Mathematics practice paper are as follows:

Some sample questions and their solutions from the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Solved Practice Paper 2019 are given below:

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Q. Find the roots of the equation x2 – 3xm (m + 3) = 0, where m is a constant.


CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Solved Question Paper 2018

Q. The 4th term of an A.P is zero. Prove that the 25th term of the A.P is three times its 11th term.


Let a be the first term and d be the common difference of an A.P. having n terms.  

Q. 504 cones, each of diameter 3.5 cm and height 3 cm, are melted and recast into a metallic sphere. Find the diameter of the sphere and hence find its surface area. [Use π = 22/7 ]


To get the complete practice paper, click on the following link:

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Solved Practice Paper 2018-2019

Practice papers provide a keen understanding of the subject and are ideal for quick revision and recall of concepts, and completing them in a stipulated time helps students to gain confidence to face the real exam.

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