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CBSE Class 10 Maths: Best Tips to Solve Case Study Questions Accurately

Gurmeet Kaur

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) introduced the questions based on the case study for the first time in the CBSE Class 10 Maths Sample Paper 2021. The board may also put these questions in the next year's board exam paper of Maths. Therefore, all the class 10 students must have knowledge about the case study questions and should know how to solve these questions accurately. 

The case study questions can be the highest scoring part of the paper if attempted with an attentive and alert mind. These questions are generally the application based questions that are related to the concepts provided in the textbook. The plot of the question is based on a day-to-day life problem. In each question, you are provided with some data or information, based on which some sub-questions can be asked in form of short answer type questions or MCQ type questions.

Let's take an example from the latest CBSE Class 10 Maths Sample Paper 2021.

Question: The diagrams show the plans for a sun room. It will be built onto the wall of a house. The four walls of the sunroom are square clear glass panels. The roof is made using

(a) Refer to Top View

Find the mid-point of the segment joining the points J (6, 17) and I (9, 16).

(i) (33/2,15/2)

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(ii) (3/2,1/2)


(iv) (1/2,3/2)

(b) Refer to Top View

The distance of the point P from the y-axis is

(i) 4

(ii) 15

(iii) 19

(iv) 25

(c) Refer to Front View

The distance between the points A and S is

(i) 4

(ii) 8



(d) Refer to Front View

Find the co-ordinates of the point which divides the line segment joining the points A and B in the ratio 1:3 internally.

(i) (8.5,2.0)

(ii) (2.0,9.5)

(iii) (3.0,7.5)

(iv) (2.0,8.5)

(e) Refer to Front View If a point (x,y) is equidistant from the Q(9,8) and S(17,8),then

(i) x+y=13

(ii) x-13=0

(iii) y-13=0


Now, going through the above question you will see that the sub-questions are not different than the general textbook questions. You are provided with some terms and facts in each question. You will have to apply the relevant formula to obtain the right answers. Thus, you will not see anything unfamiliar or unusual in the case study based questions. Just an attentive and alert mind is all you need to solve these questions.

Check the following link to practice chapter-wise case study questions and prepare well for the upcoming CBSE Class Maths Board Exam 2021:

CBSE Class 10 Maths Case Study Questions (with Answers) for All Chapters (Published by CBSE)

How to Solve Case Study Based Questions?

The questions based on the given case study will be all MCQs only. So, you just need to write down the correct option. No need to explain the solution. While approaching a case study based take a note of the following instructions:

Most of the case-based questions are going to be straightforward. So, you can solve such questions easily if are good at concepts and formulas of Maths. Solve the questions given in the latest sample paper to get acquainted with this new type of question. Also, check some important articles from the following links to help you in your board exam preparations:

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