CBSE Class 10 Exam 2019: Know the best ways to attempt Science paper in 3 hours

CBSE Class 10 students will be writing their Science exam tomorrow. Before the exam, it is important that they have a right plan to attempt their paper smoothly and properly. They must be aware of the technique to write perfect answers and utilise the three hours’ exam writing duration in the most efficient way.

We at Jagranjosh are providing here some exclusive tips for the class 10 students to write their CBSE Science Exam perfectly.

1. Utilise first 15 minutes judiciously

On the day of your exam, spend first 15 minutes analyzing the question paper and figuring out the answers. This is the time when you have to make a rough plan on how to utilise the next three hours in writing your exam perfectly. Mark the questions which your are confident about.

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2. Attempt questions in the chronological order to stay managed

It would be better if you start writing your answers right from the question number one and then move in the sequential order. This way you will be able to write the exam in a manageable way. But remember not to stick to a question if you find yourself stuck at it.

3. Make a time division for all five sections in paper

This is the most important thing to consider for attempting the exam smoothly and appropriately.

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A moderate time division can be done as below:


Number of questions

Time to be spent on each question (Total Time)

A (1 mark questions)


1.5 minutes (3 minutes)

B (2 marks questions)


3 minutes (9 minutes)

C (3 marks questions)


7 minutes (70 minutes)

D (5 marks questions)


10 minutes (60 minutes)

E (2 marks questions)


3 minutes (18 minutes)



160 minutes

Following the above time division plan, you will be left with 20 minutes which can be utilised in revising the whole paper. Utilise these 20 minutes to check your answer sheet for any un-attempted questions. Also check for improvements in any particular answer if any.

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4. Write apt and to the point answers

Consider the following tips to make your answers more informative and catchy:

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5. Opt out the choices carefully:

In case of questions which are provided with internal choices, make a wise selection so that you don’t have to regret later for your choice. Attempt only that question which is crystal clear in your brain.

After concluding the exam, review your answers thoroughly. Open question paper along with answer sheet and check each and every answer and put tick mark on question paper to have clear idea that nothing is missed out. 

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