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CBSE Class 10 Science Exam 2020: Questions that got students into trouble; check in-depth analysis

Gurmeet Kaur

CBSE Class 10 Science paper 2020 was claimed to be of moderate to high difficulty level. Mostly students seemed to be unsatisfied with their paper and were wishing for lenient marking. To check what was wrong with the paper, we carried a thorough analysis of the paper. We reviewed questions in all the section of paper. So, we are going to share our analysis report about the CBSE Class 10 Science Paper 2020 to reveal the exact reason behind the students’ not so happy reaction.

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CBSE Class 10 Science Paper contained 30 questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Number of questions from each part was as follows:

Section-wise analysis of CBSE Class 10 Science Paper 2020:

There were three sections in the class 10 science question paper 2020. Here we will discuss that how many questions from physics, chemistry and biology were asked in all these three sections of paper. A detailed analysis is shown in the following table:

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Section A

Section B

Section C


3 Questions (3 marks)

4 Questions (12 marks)

2 Questions (10 marks)


6 Questions (6 marks)

3 Questions (9 marks)

2 Questions (10 marks)


5 Questions (11 marks)

3 Questions (9 marks)

2 Questions (10 marks)


14 Questions (20 marks)

10 Questions (30 marks)

6 Questions (30 marks)

Weightage Distribution in CBSE Class 10 Science Paper 2020

Download CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2020

What was the difficulty level of the CBSE Class 10 Science Paper 2020?

As we go through all the questions given in the Class 10 Science paper, we analyse that each and every question is based on the NCERT Class 10 Science Book. There are many questions which are directly asked from the ‘Activities’ given in the NCERT chapters. So, we can say that if a student had thoroughly read the NCERT book then nothing could be easier for him than the CBSE Class 10 Science Paper 2020.

Questions that troubled the students

Actually, questions were taken from even the small facts discussed in the NCERT which students often ignore considering them of less importance. As we mentioned above that many questions were taken from the activities given in boxes in each chapter of NCERT book. This can be the only reason of students being unhappy with the paper. All such questions were mainly asked in the Section B of paper.

Some questions which students found difficult were:

Q. no. 15: 1 g of copper was taken in a china dish and heated. What change takes place on heating? When hydrogen gas is passed over this heated substance, a visible change is seen in it. Give the chemical equations of reactions, the name and color of the products formed in each case.

Q. no. 17: 3 mL of ethanol is taken in a test tube and warmed gently in a water bath. A 5% solution of alkaline potassium permanganate is added first drop by drop to this solution, then in excess.

(i) How is 5% solution of KMnO4 prepared?

(ii) State the role of alkaline potassium permanganate in this recation. What happens on adding it in excess?

(iii) Write chemical equation of this reaction.  

Note: Here part (i) is not found in Class 10 Science NCERT Book.

Q. no. 21: Differentiate between a glass slab and a glass prism. What happens when a narrow beam of (i) a monochromatic light, and (ii) white light passes through (a) glass slab and (b) glass prism?

Note: Term ‘monochromatic light’ is not mentioned in the NCERT Book.

(This analysis is done for the Class 10 Science Paper Set – 1)

Though 1-2 parts of questions seemed to be unfamiliar for class 10 students, overall the paper was completely based on NCERT with more of conceptual questions included in the paper.

In last, we once again suggest students to read the NCERT books for other paper which are to be conducted next in CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020. Read every line on every page to grasp all the concepts so that you do not find any question to be tough in the upcoming exams.

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