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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Board Exam 2020: Important Questions & Answers - Economics (Chapter 5: Minerals and Energy Resources)

Sakshi Saroha

Students appearing for Class 10th board exams must be frantically revising the notes as Social Science is due in few days. We have compiled a list of important questions and answers for Class 10th Social Science Board Exam help. These questions are based on the latest CBSE Syllabus 2020.

Ques 1 “Energy saved is energy produced”. Support the statement with suitable examples

Ans: “Energy saved is energy produced”.

  1. Promotion of energy conservation and increased use of renewable energy sources arethe twin planks of sustainable energy.
  2. India is presently one of the least energy efficient countries in the world.
  3. We have to adopt a cautious approach for the judicious use of our limited energy resources.
  4. Using public transport systems instead of individual vehicles.
  5. Switching off electricity when not in use.
  6. Using power-saving devices and using non-conventional sources of energy

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Ques 2 “India has fairly rich and varied mineral resources across different regions”. Support the statement with examples.

Ans: i. Peninsular rocks contain most of the reserves of coal, metallic minerals, mica and many other non-metallic minerals.

ii. Sedimentary rocks on the western and eastern flanks of the peninsula, in Gujarat and Assam have most of the petroleum deposits.

iii. Rajasthan with the rock systems of the peninsula, has reserves of many non-ferrous minerals.The vast alluvial plains of North India are almost devoid of economic minerals

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Ques 3 Being a tropical country, India has enormous possibilities of tapping solar energy. Suggest any one way to popularize its maximum use.

Ans: Making people aware about renewable energy resources/use of rooftop solar panels/solar street lighting system/any other relevant point

Ques 4 A concerted effort has to be made for sustainable development. Suggest any one step in conserving our mineral resources for the future.

Ans: Improved technologies/ Recycling of metals/ Using scrap metals and other substitutes / Any other relevant point.

Ques 5 Name the mineral which is used to harden steel during manufacturing. 

Ans: Iron

Ques 6 Why do we need to conserve mineral resources?

Ans: Mineral resources need to be conserved because they are limited. It takes billions of years for them to be replenished in nature. Continued extraction of ores leads to increasing costs of extraction and a decrease in quality as well as quantity.

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Ques 7 How are minerals formed in igneous and metamorphic rocks?

Ans: In igneous and metamorphic rocks, molten/liquid and gaseous minerals are forced upwards into the cracks. They then solidify and form veins or lodes.

Ques 8 Describe the distribution of coal in India.

Ans: Being a tropical country, India gets abundance of sunlight which increases the possibilities of tapping solar energy. Solar energy is a non-conventional source of energy, but it is gaining popularity in rural and remote areas where households’ dependence on firewood and dung cakes is reduced because of solar energy. This in turn helps in conserving environment and ensuring an adequate supply of manure in agriculture.

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