CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2020 with Answer Hints, Marking Scheme & Important Resources

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2020 is provided here along with the marking scheme and suggested answers. This year, CBSE has designed the sample question papers according to the new pattern and the same will be followed in board exams as well. Under the changed pattern, students will have to write less number of subjective type questions which generally used to consume a lot of time during the exam. Now, they will have more number of objective type questions. Design of CBSE Social Science Sample Paper is discussed below in detail.

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Structure of CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2020


Number of Questions

Marks Per Question

Total Marks

A – Objective Type Questions

20 (1-20)


20×1 = 20

B – Short Answer Type Questions

8 (21-28)


8×3 = 24

C – Long Answer Type Question

6 (29-34)


6×5 = 30

C – Map Based Questions

2 (35a and 35b)


2+4 = 6

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Section-A consists of objective type questions of different formats which include:

Question number 35 is a map question of 6 marks with two parts:

Internal choices are provided for:

To check details of Social Science question paper design along with latest evaluation scheme for Board Exam 2020, click on the following link:

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Exam Pattern 2020

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Question Paper 2020 is provided below:



1. Match the following items given in column A with those in column B. Choose the correct answer from the options given below:



A. Rashsundari Debi

1. Chhote Aur Bade Ka Sawal

B. Sudarshan Chakr

2. Kesari

C. Kashibaba

3. Amar Jiban

D. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

4. Sacchi Kavitayen

2. Identify the appropriate reason for the formation of the Swaraj party from the options given below:

A. Wanted members of Congress to return to Council Politics

B. Wanted members of Congress to ask for Poorna Swaraj for Indians

C. Wanted members of Congress to ask Dominion State for India

D. Wanted members of Congress to oppose Simon Commission

3. Study the picture and answer the question that follows

Which of the following aspect best signifies this image of ‘Germania’?

A. Heroism and Justice

B. Folk and Cultural Tradition

C. Austerity and Asceticism

D. Revenge and Vengeance

4. Who was called as the architect of Germany’s unification?

5. Which one of the following is an example of Cultivable Wasteland?

A. Gross cropped Area

B. Uncultivable Land

C. Barren Wasteland

D. Current fallow Land

6. Complete the following table with correct information with regard to cultivation of Rice:

7. Being a tropical country, India has enormous possibilities of tapping solar energy. Suggest any one way to popularize its maximum use.


A concerted effort has to be made for sustainable development. Suggest any one step in conserving our mineral resources for the future.

8. Correct the following statement and rewrite:

In Srilanka, an Act was passed in 1956 to recognise Tamil as the only official language, disregarding Sinhala.


Correct the following statement and rewrite: Belgium is a small country in Europe and share borders with France, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg.


Which one of the following option best signifies this cartoon?

A. Demand for separate state from Democratic Government

B. Democratic Government is facing territorial issues with the bordering states

C. Democratic Government is coping with multiple pressures through accommodation

D. Democratic Government accepts demands based on separate state

Note: This question is in lieu of Q9 for visually impaired candidates

Q9. Give any one example of Social Democracy.

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10. The representation of women in Indian Parliament is still low as compared to European countries because ______________.


The Constitution of India provides to all individuals and communities freedom to profess, practice and propagate any religion because _________________.

11. Who presides over the meeting of the Municipal Corporation?


Which government has the power to legislate on ‘Residuary’ subjects in India?

12. Mention the formula to calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index).

13. Which of the following statement defines Sustainable Development?

A. Sustainable use of natural resources without considering the need of the future generation.

B. Present generation fulfils its needs while considering the needs of the future generation as well.

C. It means utilization of natural resources by the past, present and forthcoming future generation.

D. To meets the needs of the future generations even if the needs of the present generation go unmet.

14. One of the best ways to reduce over usage of ground water is _________________.

15. Which of the following profession belongs to the Tertiary Sector of economy?

A. Fisherman

B. Farmer

C. Factory worker

D. Teacher

16. The number of deaths of children less than one year of age per 1000 live births is referred as _________.


The total number of children of age group 14 and 15 years attending school as a percentage of total number of children in the same age group is referred as _________.

17. Find the Incorrect option 
A. Demand deposit share the essential features of money 
B. With demand deposit payments can be made without cash 
C. Demand deposits are safe way of money transformation 
D. Demand deposit facility is like cheque

18. Arrange the following in the correct sequence – 
i. Transporting cloth to the workshops 
ii. Sale in shops and showrooms 
iii. Spinning the yarn 
iv. Weaving of the fabric


A. i--iv--iii--ii 
B. iii--iv--i--ii 
C. iv--i--ii--iii 
D. iii--iv--ii—i

19. In the question given below, there are two statements marked as Assertion (A) and Reason (R). Read the statements and chose the correct option:

Assertion (A): Not every good or service that is produced and sold needs to be counted to know the total production in each sector.

Reason (R): The value of final goods already includes the value of all the intermediate goods.


a. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A. 
b. Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A. 
c. A is correct but R is wrong. 
d. A is wrong but R is correct.

20. Rita has taken a loan of Rs. 7 lakhs from the bank to purchase a car. The annual interest rate on the loan is 14.5 per cent and the loan is to be repaid in 3 years in monthly instalments. The bank retained the papers of the new car as collateral, which will be returned to Rita only when she repays the entire loan with interest.

Analyse the loan information given above, considering one of the following correct option.

a. Mode of re-payment 
b. Terms of credit 
c. Interest on loan 
d. Deposit criteria




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