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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper: SA ‒ II 2017

Mayank Uttam

Class 10th Social Science sample paper for CBSE Class 10th board exam 2017 is available here. Anyone can download the complete sample paper from the link give at the end of this article. All the questions of this sample paper are extremely important for coming CBSE Class 10th SA 2 exam 2017.

About CBSE Class 10th Social Science Sample Paper 2017

This sample paper is developed by an experienced teacher of a reputed CBSE school after the brief analysis of previous year question paper and latest sample papers of CBSE Class 10th Social Science. The format of this paper is almost similar to the latest sample paper of Class 10th Social Science, released by CBSE.

Download Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper by CBSE

Some portion of the sample paper is given below

Time: 3 hrs.                                                                                                                         MM: 90

General Instructions

(i) There are 29 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.

(ii) Questions from 1 to 8 are of 1 mark each.

(iii) Questions from 9 to 20 are 3 marks each.

(iv) Questions from 21 to 28 are 5 marks each.

(v) Questions 29 (a) and 29 (b) is a map question of 3 marks each.

1. Which treaty recognised Greece as an independent nation?

2. Why are there wide range of colours, hardness, crystal forms and density found in minerals?

3. Classify the industries on the basis of its main role.

4. How are issue specific movements different from generic movement?

5. Which organisation led the protest against water privatisation in Bolivia?

6. If you are not interested to buy a brush with tooth-paste but shopkeeper denies to sell tooth-paste only. In this case which consumer right is being violated by the seller?

7. Due to which reason latest models of different items are available within our reach?

8. Which logo you will see while purchasing an electric heater?

9. How deposits with banks do become their source of income?

10. Discuss various stages of Non-Cooperation movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi?

11. Describe main features of Salt March?

12. What is pipeline transportation? Write its one merit and one demerit.

Download Complete CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper: SA ‒ II 2017

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