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CBSE Class 11 Economics Syllabus 2021-22 (Term 1) PDF Released: Download Now

Mayank Uttam

Download Term 1 CBSE Class 11 Economics Syllabus 2021-22 (PDF). The link to download the CBSE Class 11 Economics Syllabus 2021-22 (Term 1) PDF is given at the end of this article. It is important for the preparation of the upcoming Term 1 CBSE Class 11 Economics Exam in 2021-22.

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th - Revised & Reduced CBSE Syllabus Term 1 & 2 (Combined): Science, Commerce, Arts!

CBSE Class 11 Economics Exam in 2021-22 (Term 1):

TERM 1  

Part A: Statistics for Economics  

Unit 1: Introduction  

What is Economics?  

Meaning, scope, functions and importance of statistics in Economics  

Unit 2: Collection, Organisation and Presentation of data  

Collection of data - sources of data - primary and secondary; how basic data is  collected with concepts of Sampling; methods of collecting data; some important  sources of secondary data: Census of India and National Sample Survey Organisation.  

Organisation of Data: Meaning and types of variables; Frequency Distribution.  

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Presentation of Data: Tabular Presentation and Diagrammatic Presentation of Data:  (i) Geometric forms (bar diagrams and pie diagrams), (ii) Frequency diagrams  (histogram, polygon and Ogive) and (iii) Arithmetic line graphs (time series graph).  

Unit 3: Statistical Tools and Interpretation  

Measures of Central Tendency- Arithmetic mean, median and mode 

Part B: Introductory Microeconomics  

Unit 4: Introduction  

Meaning of microeconomics and macroeconomics; positive and normative economics  

What is an economy? Central problems of an economy: what, how and for whom to  produce; opportunity cost.  

Unit 5: Consumer's Equilibrium and Demand  

Consumer's equilibrium - meaning of utility, marginal utility, law of diminishing marginal  utility, conditions of consumer's equilibrium using marginal utility analysis.  

Indifference curve analysis of consumer's equilibrium-the consumer's budget (budget  set and budget line), preferences of the consumer (indifference curve, indifference  map) and conditions of consumer's equilibrium.  

Demand, market demand, determinants of demand, demand schedule, demand curve  and its slope, movement along and shifts in the demand curve; price elasticity of  demand - factors affecting price elasticity of demand; measurement of price elasticity of  demand – percentage-change method.  

Part C: Project in Economics - Guidelines as given in class XII curriculum (Check PDF)

For complete details, download CBSE Class 11 Economics Syllabus from the following link

Download CBSE Class 11 Economics Syllabus 2021-22 (Term 1) PDF

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