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CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exam 2018: Question Paper analysis and review

Mayank Uttam

The Biology paper of CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2018 was conducted today that is on March 27. More than 2 lakhs students of CBSE Class 12 having Biology as one of their subjects appeared for this exam.

The general sense among the students coming out of examination halls after CBSE Biology paper was of happiness and relief.

Majority of students termed the paper as balanced with equal weightage to different sections, topics, and chapters.

Most of the questions contained in the CBSE Biology paper were average in nature with only a few being difficult.

Format of the CBSE Class 12 Biology paper 2018:

The format of the questions paper was similar to the latest Biology Sample Paper (Issued by CBSE). In CBSE Class 12 Biology paper 2018, there were 5 sections. More details about these sections and types of questions are given below:

Section A

Question Number 1 to 5 (1 mark each)

Very short answer type question

Section B

Question Number 6 to 10 (2 marks each)

Short answer type I questions

Section C

Question Number 11 to 22 (3 marks each)

Short answer type II questions

Section D

Question number 23 (4 Marks)

Value based question

Section E

Question number 24 to 26 (5 Marks)

Long answer type questions

This question paper carried a total of 70 marks and students were having 3 hours to complete the paper.

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Download Question Paper of CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exam 2018

Feedback from students:

The difficulty level of the paper: Very easy

Paper was easier than last year’s paper

All the questions in the paper were from the syllabus and NCERT textbooks

Questions repeated from previous years’ papers: 2 to 3 questions

The average range of expected score: 50 Marks to 65 Marks (out of 70)

Biology is one of the most important subjects of CBSE Class 12 so, marks scored by students in this subject will have a great impact on their overall result.

As per latest CBSE Date Sheet, the next important exam for CBSE Class 12th Students is Hindi. This paper is scheduled to be held on 2nd April, 2018 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Important resources for the preparation of CBSE Class 12 Hindi board exam 2018 are given below:

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